She is panicking, not sure on what to do. She wakes up in the past, when she knows she should be four years in the future. She has no idea on how she got there, or worst of all: how she's going to get back. For Riley Morgan, the idea of waking up in the year of 2010 was just a crazy idea. And the fact that it actually happened to her, well, she doesn't know how to act. She knows about things that will happen in the future, things that no one could predict. And what does she do when she all of a sudden becomes friends with someone who will be a celebrity in four years? She doesn't even know.

--Copyright © 2014 -> Iridescent Artist


5. Four




I had decided to make up a rule for myself while I was here. It seemed like the smart thing to do and it actually made complete sense, so I was proud of myself that I had thought ahead of time for once. Well kind of...

In my head, I put in the idea of not being able to interact with people that will ever know me. So I can't go hang out with Cameron because she knows me in 2010, and I can't go find one of my new university friends because they don't know me until 2013. It seemed kind of confusing, but I knew I could roll with it.

But the problem is that I had met Liam. In 2012, I met him at a "Meet and Greet." What was I going to do to fix it? I had no idea.

So that actually broke my rule. I would just have to remember to just follow it now so I wouldn't be in the same situation like I was with Liam.

During the past week, I hadn't really done anything, but I did make some discoveries. For one, I found that my theory on whatever belonged me in 2013 came with me to 2010 was true; my money was indeed in the bank account. I also found that my phone and laptop would let me see stuff from 2013, and I think it had to do with them being the only devices in my house that were still on when the electricity in my house went out. And, although I could see everything on those devices, I couldn't send out information; I could just receive stuff, basically.

But the rest of the time, I had been procrastinating on my couch, watching "new" episodes of TV shows, even though I had already seen them. I had also sat on Tumblr for what seemed like forever. I couldn't reblog or "like" anything, only look at stuff. I saw some pictures of 2013 Liam, examining them and trying to figure out how I had just met that same guy last week, without him knowing how successful he was going to be. It was a really weird thing to think about.

Speaking of the kid, I had texted him every day so far. And hey, I was becoming a friend of a celebrity, right? But I honestly didn't see it like that at all. He was genuinely an awesome guy, and I could see how serious he was about the upcoming audition. I remember watching One Direction's biopic and hearing about how Liam and his band-mate, Louis Tomlinson, would fight during The X Factor because they were practically complete opposites. I hoped they would get past their differences in the future, just like they did last time.

We planned on meeting up with each other in two days -- more like I had nothing else to do, so I was going to travel to Wolverhampton to see him. To be honest, he was really my only friend right now, seeing as though I couldn't call up Isaac or Cameron anymore. But Liam seemed excited when I texted him.

I had been trying to figure out if letting Liam listen to Radioactive was a bad idea. I didn't think it had done any harm. Besides, there wasn't any going back now, was there?




My family always tell me to not worry about what others say. Although I try, it sometimes gets hard. When you have to block so many people out, it seems to be almost impossible in some ways.

I always wanted to be able to look back on my schooling, and remember all of the good times I had. But I actually feel like it's easier to think about all of the bullying I went through. I didn't really fit in at first, getting called nasty names and getting pushed around by a group of boys in my year. At the time, I would've rather been called a git over anything they'd say to me.

I don't know why it started. But there are some points when it would just escalate completely. For example, when I came back from America and had a bunch of new, nice clothes. Or when I started singing a lot more often.

I remember when I came back after kicked off of The X Factor. Those were probably some of the worst days. I was getting called a failure.. But the rest of the things that were said shouldn't even be in anyone's mind, let alone come out of someone's mouth.

Later on, my mum enrolled me into some boxing classes after I asked her to do so. She was a little skeptical, but saw my reasoning. I wanted to seem tough, you know? I just wanted to show others that they shouldn't bother me. 

After awhile, I got pretty good at it. My trainer was this 21 year old; a great guy and sort of funny. I see him, Danny, like an older brother now. Back when I started boxing, he actually hung around the school one day, telling everyone that he was my older brother. And everyone basically backed off because of him.

But just proving everyone that ever bothered me wrong would be mind-blowing. If I could be on The X Factor again, make it to the live shows, and win it all as a solo-artist...I don't know what I'd do. But the satisfaction of how the bullies would react would be priceless.

Riley said that she believed in me. 

She was coming to visit on Friday because I had a short school week. I really wanted to show her how I was going to perform my audition, now that I had found a song to sing.

It did seem a little fast for someone that I just met to come to my house to hang out for a day or two, I know that. But I honestly felt like: why not? She seemed perfectly cool and polite, and I had been texting her quite a bit since I met her. I don't know who's idea it was for her to come, it just happened, I guess.

"So I decided that we should get take out tonight. I was thinking about Penny's, sound good to you?" My mum, Karen, asked just seconds after I walked through the door. I set my bag on the table and immediately loosened the tie on my uniform. 

I nodded my head, "Yeah yeah, sure."

She stood up from the couch she was sitting on, walking over to talk to me, "What time does that girl..."


"Yes, what time will she get here on Friday?"

I shrugged, "I dunno, she said sometime in the morning? I'll have to double check."

"Well I called the inn that she'll be staying at to make sure her reservation was confirmed. They said she can show up anytime after nine." My mum had been very welcoming towards Riley coming up to help. I also had been talking about her helping me for the past couple of days and my mum would join in the conversation, asking me about her even. No, Riley didn't have any musical background or anything like that, but she was another opinion. And I kinda valued her opinion, oddly enough.

"Oh, and I washed your sheets. Please don't eat on your bed anymore, you always seem to spill something on them," My mum commented.

I was sent up to the room with my fresh-smelling sheets. You see, my house wasn't very big and it was kinda outdated to be honest. I even had little bunny-rabbits on my curtains still, but I guess I was just too lazy to ask for some other ones. And the floors, they were mostly that brownish carpet that seemed to be popular in the seventies. 

My room was basically just a bed, a dresser, a closet, and a couple of meters to walk around in. If I did win The X Factor, the first thing I'd probably do is buy my parents a new house. 

Never mind, it wasn't a probably, it was a for sure thing.

I stepped over where my duvet was laying on the floor, setting my sheets on my bed. I immediately put them on, tucking them under the mattress and such. And once I had gotten my duvet layed out, I threw my two pillows on it and called it good.

My accomplishment was interrupted when I felt something hit the back of my head. Confused, I turned to see my best mate, Andy, standing in the doorway with his nerf gun in hand, and his shaggy, dirty blond hair partially covering his eyes. "When'd you get here?" I asked, still touching the spot on my head where the dart had hit.

He shrugged, "I dunno, a couple minutes ago." He looked at the bed, "Nice job with the bed, did your mum get that coke stain out of the sheets?"


"Is that girl sleeping here?"

"Riley, and no."

"Awe why not?"

I picked up a pillow and threw it at him, "Mate, where in the world would she sleep?"

"In here, obviously."

Without saying anything else, he leaped up onto my bed, messing everything around.

"What the heck Andy! I just finished that!"

He inhaled the sheets, oddly, and buried his face into the dark blue sheets, "Yup, this would be perfect for the two of you."

I grabbed my other pillow and whacked him on the head with it, "Stop being cheeky, mate."

Spreading out his body across the bed, "So do you not like her like that?"

I rolled my eyes and hit him on the back with the pillow. There was an "umph" sound that came from his body, "No! She's just a friend."

"So can I take her?"

"She's coming to help with my audition, not to meet you and become your girlfriend, you knob."

If Riley did somehow want to date Andy, I couldn't tell them they couldn't date. But I honestly couldn't see them together. Not only was Andy quite immature sometimes, Andy was...Andy. I couldn't describe his personality, but he was something else. My best friend and a great guy, but something else. 

"Fine, but if she wants me, I just can't say no," he said matter of factly. 

I hit him with the pillow...again.


So I don't really have an excuse on why I haven't been updating except for that I've been so busy with college planning and my senior project. I probably did have time to write here and there, but I never got around to it. I just want to say that I'm sorry for taking so long and letting you guys down on all of my stories. It's really frustrating for me that I've done this.

-Gabby xx (hope you enjoyed the chapter) :)

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