Take me home

Mariah was a normal 17 year old girl. Her mom died when she was 15 so she learned to rely on her dad. But one day she wakes up and he's gone. With no where to go Mariah makes the bold choice to move in with her boyfriend. But she soon finds he's not the man she made him out to be. On the run from his abuse she finds herself in the hands of a man everyone has told her to stay away from.


6. Authors note deal with it

Hey guys. I know authors not bleh. I hate these things to. I just wanted to let u guys know I am NOT blowing this book off. I actually broke my hand and Incase u didn't know... It's really hard to type with one hand. New chapter on its way soon I promise. Just not shur on when. Love u lovies... Lmao nighty night booger butts ❤❤❤

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