Take me home

Mariah was a normal 17 year old girl. Her mom died when she was 15 so she learned to rely on her dad. But one day she wakes up and he's gone. With no where to go Mariah makes the bold choice to move in with her boyfriend. But she soon finds he's not the man she made him out to be. On the run from his abuse she finds herself in the hands of a man everyone has told her to stay away from.


7. 6

                                                            Mariah's P.O.V



"Zayn." I scream. "Zayn please." I scream again. "Shut the fuck up you stupide bitch." His fist smashes into my head and blackness fills my surroundings. I've been here a lot lately. This black void in my mind. I always dream of the same thing. Always. Again I wake up in the bed and look at Zayn. I already know what's going to happen. Well get in a fight, ill walk out, then ill get kidnapped. All I want to do is change what is going to happen. But its impossible. I've tried.


                                                       Zayn's P.o.v   

The door opens and in comes Louis carrying a dog crate. "You brought D.o.g?" I ask running over to help them bring there bags in. Just then D.o.g comes in answering my question. "Zeus?" I ask not able to think of anything else. Louis and Liam both start cracking up. "Zayn will you please help me." My eyes go wide as i look inside the crate at my favorite blonde haired boy. "Niall?" I ask already starting to crack up. "Its not funny." Niall whines sending me further into laughter. Everyone began to crack up after me. After a couple minutes Ashton finally comes over and lets him out. O how i have missed these days.

I look around at the gang. Louis, Niall,  Liam, and Kyle all squish together on one coach. Michael, Ashton, and Calum all sit on the other coach. Luke sits on the floor with D.o.g and Zach leans against the door frame. I never did really like Zach. He was Kyle's friend. Not mine. I look around at everyone. "Weapons in the middle." No one budges. I try to hold a serious expression like the others but i cant help but let a smile creep through. Everyones expressions soon follow mine. "You guys haven't changed a bit." Says Luke. He's the first to drop his weapons. A switch blade, pocket knife, and a hand gun. Niall is the second. He drops 2 pocket knifes and some pepper spray. "What the hell is pepper spray going to do." Asks Calum. I cant help but laugh. In one swift motion everyone has dropped there weapons. The table is covered in assorted knifes, guns, brass knuckles, and two bear claws. "Now that we got that out of the way." I start. "This isn't just a 'family meeting. Theres a reason i called you all here."

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