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Mariah was a normal 17 year old girl. Her mom died when she was 15 so she learned to rely on her dad. But one day she wakes up and he's gone. With no where to go Mariah makes the bold choice to move in with her boyfriend. But she soon finds he's not the man she made him out to be. On the run from his abuse she finds herself in the hands of a man everyone has told her to stay away from.


3. 3

                                                                    Zayn's P.O.V




I woke up the next morning still cradling Mariah. I felt so bad about what happened. If I hadn't left her. If I hadn't said she wasn't special. This would have never happened. I just felt so sad. I laid her down next to me and got out of bed. I changed from my clothes from yesterday to some gray sweets. "Come on Mariah. You've got to get up." I said grabbing her hand. She didn't move. "Please Mariah please wake up." Still nothing. "Please Mariah. If you wake up. I'll Take care of you. I'll look after you. If you wake up you will be mine. I really want you to be mine. Seeing you with that guy. Having that guy protect you made me so mad. And sad. And jealous. Mariah I never got jealous until you came along. So please. Mariah please wake up. Please wake up so you can be mine. You are so special. I was crazy to say that you weren't. Now please wake up and be mine"



I closed my eyes. I felt a hand on the back of my head pull me in. I felt Mariah's plump lips against mine. I slip my hands behind her head into her hair. She slips hers into mine and started playing with it. I couldn't help but smile into the kiss. I pulled away breathless and looked into her beautiful green eyes. I pulled her into a tight hug.



I walked downstairs and made some eggs while she took a shower. I sat the eggs on the table just in time to feel two little arms wrap around my waist. I turn around to meet Mariah's beautiful green eyes. "How was your shower?" I ask cockily. "Great." She says sitting down. "I used your body wash so now I can smell like you all the time." She winks at me taking a big spoon full of eggs. She wrinkles her nose at the first bite. "What? You don't like my eggs." I ask playing like I was hurt. "I don't think they like me." She say's pushing the plate away. "Whatever. Care for some Ihop then." I say throwing the eggs away. "Shur let me just go-" She's interrupted by a knock at the door. "Could you get that." I ask looking for my keys. "Shur." She gives me a kiss on the cheek and walks over to the door.



                                                                       Mariah's P.O.V




I open the door to find no one there. Hmm that's odd. I start to walk back inside when I trip over a box. I pick up a box with a rose inside. There's a little note on it. I walk right up to Zayn and softly kiss him. "What was that for." He asks raping his arms around my waist. "The rose of course. Its beautiful." Zayn slowly lets go of me. "What rose." He asks confused. Fear fills my lungs as I walk back over and read the note aloud. "You cant hide. See you soon. XOXO Jake." Zayn fast walks over to me and grabs the rose. He smashes it in his hands before tossing it in the trash.



He wraps me in another hug and whispers in my ear. "Don't worry. I will keep you safe." I grab his hands and find them red with blood. "Zayn your bleeding." I say looking at his hands. "It's fine." He reassures me. I shake it off and run his hands under the sink. "You know I wont let him get you." Zayn says staring into my eyes. I nod my head unsure. He grabs my face with his wet hands and leans our foreheads together. "I promise." He kiss's my forehead. Zayn's phone goes off breaking the moment. I grab mine and walk over to the coach. 3 new messages.



        From: Trevor


        Hey cutie how did you sleep.



        From: Ell


Hey girlie. I was cleaning out my closet and thought of your poor clothes less self. Come by and pick some up??



        From: Jake<3


       See you soon babe. XOXO



I closed my phone running through the thoughts in my head. "You ok." Zayn asks. "Ya I'm fine." I say trying to convince myself more then him. "I have... work again today. Ill be back a little later." He says fiddling with his car keys. "Ok I was just gonna go hang out with Ell and Trevor anyways. Have a good day." I kiss him on the cheek and he looks at me hesitantly before leaving. I text Jake back quickly.



          To: Jake<3


          Stay out of my life.


My phone beeps quickly again.


       From: Jake <3





A car horn honks and I jump in Trevor's car. He greats me with a kiss on the cheek. "Were to?" He asks. "Ell's." He looks at me smiling before driving off.



I walk to Ell's spotless house. Its like there wasn't even a party here last night. "Knock Knock." I yell letting myself in. "Hey." Says Ell rapping me into a tight hug. "You said you had some clothes for me." Her face brightens up as she runs upstairs to her room. She brings down 5 garbage bags. "O my gosh." Says Trevor. "I thought you said some." I look at the heaping piles wide eyed. "It's not that much." She says nonchalantly. Trevor and I both exchange glances before cracking up. "Stop laughing at me." She said poking Trevor's belly. He burst out laughing even harder falling to the floor. I jump on top of him holding his arms down while Ell tickles his belly. He starts to fling around rapidly and smacks my forehead making me drop instantly. "FUCK." I shout grabbing my head. "Mariah. I'm sooooooo sorry. I really didn't mean to." He says rapping me in a hug. "It's ok." I say reassuringly.



Trevor and I drove back to my house and carried the bags inside. "That's the last one." Laughs Trevor throwing the bag down. I fall onto the bed in Zayn's guest room. "That was to much work for clothes." Trevor says plopping down next to me. "Right. What kind of person has that much clothes anyways." I say sitting back up. "Only Ell." We both laugh. I stand up and start putting the clothes away. There was so much clothes. Leggings, Skirts, Dresses, You name it. She was very cultural when it came to clothes.



Trevor's phone starts to ring. "Hey Em. I got to go. Ill see you later tho." He walks over and raps me in a hug. He looks at me and kisses my cheek. He stares into my eyes not loosing contact. "What." I ask. He pushes a piece of hair behind my ear and leans in and... KISSES ME? What the actual fuck is happening here. I put my hand to his chest to push him away but he stays right were he is. There's a cough behind us. I turn around to face Zayn. "Am I interrupting something." He glares at me. I look back at Trevor. "I think you should go." I say pushing him out of the room. "Call me." He goes to kiss my cheek but I pull away. He stares at Zayn before leaving.



"What the hell was that." Yell's Zayn. I look down. He stomps over to me and grabs my wrist. "HUH." He shouts in my face. I flinch. "Answer me." He yells. "Zayn your scaring me." I whisper. He drops my wrist and runs his hands through his hair. "Why did you kiss him. "He asks calmly. I sit on the bed and sigh. "I didn't." He punches the wall before yelling, "Don't lie to me Mariah." I stand up and try to grab his hurt hand but he pulls away. I walk back over to the bed relentlessly. "He kissed me." I continue. "I tried to push him away. But he wouldn't move." I bury my head in my hands. Zayn comes over and removes my hands from my face and stares into my eyes. "Fuck ill kill that bastard!" Zayn yells walking towards the door. "Zayn please." I say grabbing his belt loop. He turns around and kiss's me. Instantly my lips move with his. Sparks fly and butterfly's fill my stomach. He pulled back and I bit my lip. "No one kiss's like you do." I pulled him into another kiss. He pulls away and whispers in my ear. "Ill never let anyone hurt you. I promise."

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