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Mariah was a normal 17 year old girl. Her mom died when she was 15 so she learned to rely on her dad. But one day she wakes up and he's gone. With no where to go Mariah makes the bold choice to move in with her boyfriend. But she soon finds he's not the man she made him out to be. On the run from his abuse she finds herself in the hands of a man everyone has told her to stay away from.


2. 2

I woke up to a muffled voice. "I'm kind of busy... Cant it wait... Ya... Just some girl... Not yet... Fine... By." I opened my eyes to find the room empty.  I threw my hair in a messy bun and walked out of the room. I knocked into someone and fell to the ground. I looked up at a half naked Zayn. He readjusted his towel around his waist winking at me. I stood up and ran down the stairs. That was so embarrassing.



I sat on the coach and pulled out my phone scrolling through my news feed. I stopped when a certain post caught my eye. "That moment when you give her everything. A roof over her head. The clothes on her back. The food in her stomach. I never asked her to work. I supported her. I took care of her. Even when no one wanted her. And how does she repay me? She cheets on me with Zayn. Thanks Mariah.- Jake." I looked at my phone frowning. Zayn walked in just as my phone started to ring. "Who's that?" Zayn asked. I looked at my phone. My eyes went wide and fear filled my lungs as I said his name. "Jake."



Zayn grabbed the phone from me. He hit speaker before answering. "What the fuck do you want." "O hey Zayn. Nice to hear from you. Why don't you put Mariah on the phone for me." "What do u want?" Zayn asked. "That's between me and Mariah." Jake said calmly. "Anything you say to Mariah you can say to me." "And why is that?" There was a long pause before Jake continued. "Are you two together?" He sounded more angry when he asked this question. I went to go answer and tell him he was being a dumb fuck but Zayn put a finger to my lip hushing me. "Ya we are. What's it to you." Click. The phone went to the home screen showing Jake had ended the call.



Zayn walked back into the kitchen. I just stood there not shur on what to do. My phone started to ring again. What now? "Hello?" "MARIAH WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?" "Jax? Is that you?" "Of course its me. Who else is It going to be? Zayn?" The line went quiet. I didn't know what to do. "Is there something you want to tell me. Mariah?" "How did you find out." I asked. "How could I not know. It seems everyone and there mother knew before I did." "Jaxson. I-" "No stop Mariah. I don't want to hear it. What I want to hear is your ass picking its self up and getting the fuck out of that house, and the fuck out of his life. He's nothing but trouble." I heard the floor creak behind me. "Who's that?" Zayn asked. "Just a friend." I answered. "Just a friend huh. Well don't talk to your 'friend' until you learn how to live your life." The line went dead. "That didn't sound like nothing." Zayn said sitting on the coach. I just sat down on the opposite side ignoring him. "So I'm guessing you don't want to talk about it?" I sighed before nodding my  head. "Want to watch a movie... To get your mid off things." I smiled a little. He was trying to make a nice gesture. "Shur."



Zayn stuck shadow people in and sat next to me. "Don't you usually watch scary movies at night?" I questioned. "Only when she's ugly." We both laughed at his joke. 20 mins through the movie and I was practically in Zayns lap. His phone rang abruptly making us both jump. I couldn't help but laugh. "You big chicken." I teased. "Me? You jumped so high you almost touched the ceiling." "Did not." I definded. "Did to." "Nope." I shook my head. "O ya?" Zayn jumped ontop of me tickling my ribs. "Za-Za-Zayn. Stop." His phone went off again saving me. Zayn awnsered it with a grunt. "What? Ya... Ill be there in a few mins... by." He hung up the phone and got off of me. "That was my... Boss. I half to go. But you can stay." He looked at me hopefully. "You don't half to do that. I don't need to stay with you." "I know. I want you to." I smiled a little at his cuteness. Zayn left and I watched the rest of the movie. I fell asleep on the coach.





                                                                        ~Zayn's P.O.V~



I came home from 'work' to find The t.v on in the living room. I went and shut it off. Mariah was passed out on the coach. She was so cute when she slept. I picked her up and she nuzzled into my chest. Her brown hair covering her flawless face. She only moved a few times as I walked up the steps. I laid her on my bed and pulled the covers over her body. It was kind of nice to have someone to come home to. What am I saying. What's wrong with me. I'm Zayn. I'm the bad boy. And that's how its gonna stay. I took off all my clothes but my boxers and slipped under the covers with her. I slipt my arms around her waist.



I woke up the next morning with my arms still around Mariah. Her hands were holding my chest and her head laid just below mine. She looked adorable with her messy hair and sleepy eyes. There was a little noise that startled me. I grabbed her phone and looked at the message.


          From: Jake<3


          Good morning babe. I'll see you soon.


Anger filled my lungs. I text him back acting like Mariah.


           To: Jake<3


          Stay away!


The phone beeped again.



          From: Jake<3


          Never. See you tonight.



 He was insane if he thought I was going to let him get her. I erased the messages so Mariah wouldn't worry. I laid my head back down next to hers and kissed her forehead. Her eyes shot open and she almost fell out of the bed again. I grabbed her wrist keeping her from falling again. I cradled her in my arms. "Is this how you wake up every morning?" I asked smirking. She rolled her eyes before getting out of bed. She walked down stairs leaving me alone. I stood up and got changed into some sweat pants. I left the shirt off... Just to tease her. I went to go brush my teeth when there was a scream. SHIT MARIAH.


I ran down the stairs just in time to see Mariah dragged out of the house. FUCK. CANT I GET A BREAK. I ran outside and grabbed Mariah pulling her away from the man dragging her. Trent turned around making my blood boil. I let go of Mariah and tackled Trent. I pinned his arms to the ground. "O hey Malik. Sorry. Thought you would have been done with the skank by now." My eyes went wide as he said this. I gripped my hands around his neck cutting his air way off. He gasped for air trying to push my hands away. A car pulled up and Ricky jumped out of the car. There was a click and I could feel his gun at my head.


I let go of Trent and stood up. "Ricky. Long time no see." I said cockily. "Don't act like were buddies Zayn. We both know were not." I rolled my eyes. "I told you I didn't kill her." I said monotone. "And I told you I didn't fuck your girlfriend." He got close before whispering. "But we all lie. Don't we." I turned around and pushed him. He pointed the gun back at my head and Mariah came running over. "No!" She shouted standing in front of me. "Mariah go inside." I scolded her. "And who's this fox." He looked at Mariah licking his lips. He came closer to her sending her into my arms. He let out a little laugh before grabbing Trent and leaving.


I could feel tears slipping down Mariah's cheeks and wetting my chest. I picked her up like a bride and brought her into the house. "Its ok." I said soothingly. She just sobbed deeper into my chest. I played with her hair and before I knew it. She had fell asleep. I picked her up and brought her up to my room tucking her in. I kissed her forehead and left.


There was a knock at the door. I opened it to find Alexis at the door. "Hey babe." She said grabbing at the waist of my pants. She started to kiss down my neck and up to my lips. I kissed her harshly before pulling away. "Alexis stop." She pushed farther. "Why." I stepped backwards pushing her away. "Because I said so." "Come on Zayn." She begged. "Get out." I said sternly. Her eyes got wide. "Zayn." "No Alexis. Leave. Now." I grabbed her wrist and forced her out the door.


Mariah came down the stairs. "Who was that?" She asked. "No one." I answered. She yawned and sat down at the table. "What time is it?" She asked. I looked at my phone. "7:30." I answered. I heard her stomach growl. "You hungry." I asked. "A little." She said grabbing her stomach. "Come on." I grabbed her hand pulling her into the car. We drove to Texas road house. "Zayn. I'm  not dressed for this kind of place." She said looking at her outfit. "And I am?" I said motioning towards my clothes. She giggled a little getting out of the car. We ordered a table and sat towards the back of the room.


She told me about how her brother lives in Nebraska and her mom died when she was little. "And your dad?" I asked. She hesitated a little. "Um. He's not really in the picture anymore." I nodded understanding she didn't want to talk about it. "So tell me about you." She said abruptly. "Me?" I said stunned. "Ya you. It's your turn to tell me about your life." This was weird. Girls usually talk about themselves the hole date. None of them have ever asked about me. "What do you want to know." I asked catching my cool. "Everything. Tell me about your parents. Do you have siblings." She questioned. "Here you are." A girl said with a country accent. She handed us our food and winked at me. She looked kind of familiar. Mariah looked annoyed. "What?" I asked chuckling. "Nothing." She answered annoyed. "I think someone's jealous." I sang. "Am not." She defended. I raised my hands in the air dropping the subject.


On the way out I got a text.


                 From: Ell.


                 Hey. Ragger at my house tonight. Be there. :)


I looked up from my phone to see the waiter staring at me. She winked at me before handing me a paper. Mariah glared at her then at me. I laughed at her and rapped my arm around her waist. I crumpled the paper and threw it in the trash so Mariah could see it. "You didn't half to do that." She said stepping into the car. "Your not my property." She added. "O ok cool ill go grab her number then." She grabbed my arm pulling me into the car. "Drive bad boy." I laughed a little


Mariah stared out the window watching as the house passed. "Where are we going." She asked sounding a little frightened. "Calm down. Were just going to a friend of mines. She's having a little get together." I rested my hand on her knee. She shifted a little uncomfortably. "Are you scared." I asked keeping my eyes on the road. She nodded her head. "Don't be."


We pulled up about 10 o'clock. There were car's after car's. We had to park a couple blocks down. When we got to the house it was packed. People were grinding on each other. Making the room unbearably hot. "Lets get a drink." I told her." She nodded her head. I wrapped my arms around her tightly pulling her close. I didn't want anyone to take her. I walked into the kitchen and found Ell kissing some guy. "Zayn!" She shouted running towards me. She hugged me tightly. I let go of Mariah hugging her. "Hey Ell. Long time no see." She let go and the guy walked off in a huff. Ell this is Mariah. Mariah this is Ell." Mariah stuck out her hand but Ell pulled her into a hug. Someone yelled Ell's name. She waved by leaving us.



I handed Mariah a Beer. "Here." She smiled a little. "Thanks but no thanks." I raised an eyebrow at her. "I don't drink beer." She said looking down at her feet. I nodded understandingly. I handed her a soda and grabbed myself a beer. "You don't mind if I drink do you." I asked. "Of course not. Have a good time." She said faking a smile. We walked into the living room and I heard my name being called. "I'll be back." I said leaving Mariah.



                                                                   Mariah's P.O.V


"I'll be back." Zayn said before walking over to a group of people and leaving me. I sighed looking around. I looked at a group where Ell was motioning me over. "Hey." I said smiling. "Hey. So I don't mean to be nosy or anything." "Ya right." One of the guys interrupted her. She smacked him in the stomach. "So are you and Zayn like together?" She asked turning her attention back to me. "No. We don't like each other like that." She looked at me raising an eyebrow. "That's arguable." She said laughing. "What do you mean?" I asked suspiciously. "Have you seen how he looks at you." One of the boys from behind said. I rolled my eyes. Ya right. Ell looked me up and down again. "Come with me." She said grabbing my wrist.


She dragged me up the stairs to a bright pink room. There were pictures all over it. "What are we doing?" I asked not sure. "Were getting you some clothes." She said digging in her closet. Before I could object she had pulled out a bright pink dress that flowed at the bottom. "No." I said wide eyed. She sighed throwing it back in her closet. She grabbed out a sparkly Wight one with a bow at the top. "Absolutely not." I said laughing. We went through tons of other dress's until we stopped on a plain black strapless dress. I tried it on and it hugged my body just right. "This one definitely this one." I said smiling in the mirror. "Yay." She jumped up and down clapping.



I walked down the stairs and all eyes were on me. The guy  from the back of the group came over and grabbed me around the waist. "Hi cutie I'm Trevor." He said kissing my hand. "I'm Mariah." I said nervously. He brought me out to the middle of the floor and started dancing like a dork. "O my gawd just stop now." I said busting out laughing. "Shut up." He said playfully punching my arm. "Its hot in here." I said out of the blue realizing I was sweeting. "Ill grab us some drinks." He walked away leaving me on the dance floor. People kept bumping into me so I walked outside. A drunk guy stumbled by me. "Hey cutie." He said stopping in front of me. I rolled my eyes and walked away. He grabbed my wrist stopping. "Were do you think your going." He asked darkly. My eyes went wide and fear filled my lungs.


I pulled my wrist away from his grip and started to run. He ran after me right on my tale. "Help." I shouted. "Help." I shouted again. He pushed me and I fell to the ground. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. "Zayn." I shouted at last resort. I started to cry. He brought me down a dark ally and started to suck on my neck. "Get off." I sobbed out trying to push him away. I shoved him trying to get away. He stumbled back a few steps. I started to run again. I ran back towards the house and Zayn was outside kissing some girl.


I saw Trevor sitting on the other side of the porch. "Trevor." I shouted. He looked up and ran towards me. I jumped into his arms and he put a protective arm around me holding me close. He set me on the step. "Stay here." He went over and punched the guy in the face. Automatically the guy fell to the ground. Then he scurried away like a scared rat. Trevor came back over and sat on his knees so he was eye level with me. "Are you ok?" He asked worried. "I'm fine I said standing up. Zayn ran over and pulled me into a hug. "O my Gawd Mariah are you ok?" "I'm fine" I said again letting a tear slip. Seeing Zayn with that girl made me so mad. I didn't think I liked him but seeing him with that girl made me so jealous.



I gave Trevor my number and told him to text me. Zayn stared him down. We got in the car and he sped off. He didn't look or speak to me the hole time. "O Shit. Zayn. I forgot your clothes." "It's fine." He said angrily. "What's wrong with you." I asked annoyed. "Nothing." He said still angry. "No tell me." I said facing him. "You wanna know my problem. My problem is you. You sit there and act like we had a connection at dinner. You cuddle with me at night like you want me. Then I take you to this party and you literally jump into some other guys arms." He shouted angrily. We pulled up at the house. "Excuse me. Sorry I didn't know I was your property. And anyways. Your the one who was kissing that whore!" I shouted back.



He punched the steering wheel in anger. "Why do I even like you. Its not like your special." He yelled yanking at his hair. "Thanks." I whispered letting a tear slip. "Mariah I'm sorry I didn't mean-" I put my hands up stopping him. "No Zayn. Just stop. You made your point. Now ill leave." I stepped out of the car. "Mariah wait." He stepped out of the car to slamming his car door. "Mariah." He shouted. I started to walk faster to get away. "Mariah stop please." He shouted after me. I started to run faster when I ran into someone. "I'm sorry." I said trying to hold back the tears. "Its ok babe." Said a very familiar voice. Fear filled my lungs again. "Jake." I whispered. "Yours truly." He said smiling deviously at me. "How did you find me." I asked scared. "That's for me to know." He said laughing evilly. He grabbed my hand and pulled me behind him. "Zayn." I shouted. Jake's hand went around my mouth keeping my screams in. I bit his hand before screaming, "ZAYN." One last time. Then my world went black.



                                                                       Zayn's P.O.V


I heard her call my name. "Zayn." Then it all went quiet. Were was she. I ran straight but couldn't see her. "ZAYN." I heard her screech. I ran towards were I  heard the scream to find Jake carrying her away. I ran up to him and punched the back of his head. He stumbled foreword dropping Mariah. I looked at Mariah's unconscious body. "Shit." I said to myself. My blood boiled again and I went to smash Jake's face in. But he was gone. You half to be fucking kidding me.


I carried Mariah back to my house and laid her in my bed. She looked so helpless. I put some ice on her head were a bump was forming. I started to walk out of the room when I heard a soft voice behind me. "Zayn." I turned around to look at Mariah's still closed eyes. "I'm right here Doll." I said soothingly holding her hand. "Please don't go." She said squeezing my hand. "I would never." I whispered in her ear. I kissed her forehead and got under the covers with her. I cradled her in my arms unable to let go.

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