Your love is all I need

Danielle Malik was kicked out of her moms house when she turned 18. She has no other decision other than to call her brother Zayn. Its her first summer being 18 she has no idea what to expect living with the biggest boyband in the world. Will love occur? Tragedy? Or maybe someone will find out her biggest secret.


7. Whats next?

Niall’s POV:

I wake up and it’s nearly 11 o’clock, I’ve slept most of the day away. I don’t blame myself I didn’t sleep last night that was until I cried myself to sleep. I hop in the shower, get dressed and go out to the kitchen.

“Well good morning sleepy head.” Louis teases pinching my cheeks.

“Where’s Zayn.” I playfully smack his hand away.

“We’ve been trying to get him out of bed since 7 this morning. He won’t come out.” He spread cream cheese on his bagel and took a bite.

“I’m going to see Dani in a little bit I’m gonna go see if he wants to come with.” I smile and head to Zayn’s room. I knock on the door, “Zayn?”

“Go away.” He yells without even opening the door.

“It’s Niall, do you wanna go and see Dani?” I lean against the door. Silence is all I heard, then WHAM I fall to the ground. “What the hell?”

“You were leaning against the door not my fault.” Zayn walks away and into the kitchen. As I catch up to him I see Harry standing in the kitchen. He was supposed to be staying with Dani but he’s obviously not.

“Harry you’re supposed to be with Dani.” Zayn’s furious.

“Yeah I know she kicked me out.” He slumped onto the couch.

“What the fuck is wrong with her. It’s like she’s not even my sister.” Zayn slams his fist on the counter startling everyone.

“I’m uhm gonna go. Zayn you coming with?” I grab my keys and we both head to the Hospital.


When we got to the hospital and into Dani’s room she was watching Teen Wolf. Of course that’s her favorite show.

“Hey D.” I smile and kiss her on the cheek.

“Hi Nialler.” She blushes and touches my hand.

“Has the doctor come in to talk to you yet?” Zayn sits in the chair next to the bed.

“No why?” Dani looks worried.

“We’re uhm we have to send you to inpatient.” Zayn starts crying taking her hand.

“Oh, I understand.” She gives me a blank stare.

“Knock Knock, Can I come in?” The doctor peaks his head in the doorway. “So Danielle, how’re you feeling?” He asks taking her blood pressure.

“Good.” She keeps looking at me. I can feel my face getting red.

“That’s good, we can discharge you today at 1pm and then we’ll send you over to the impatient program at Linden Oaks. Sound good?” He checks his clipboard before leaving the room.

“I’m gonna go back to the house. I don’t feel good.” Zayn gets up from the chair pale faced.

“Are you sure Zayn?” Dani asks sitting up in bed concerned.

“Yeah I didn’t get much sleep. I’m fine.” He kisses her on the head and walks out.  Leaving Dani and I alone in the room.

 “So why’d you kick Harry you?” I move closer to the bed.

“Cause when we had sex, it was a mistake, I need to get better and I don’t need anyone holding me down.” She scoots over in the bed leaving room for me to sit.

“I see.” Taking a seat on the bed.

“Get comfortable.” She smiles and pulls me closer. I scoot closer to her and put my arm around her. She cuddles up next to me giggling.

“Well you’re in a good mood.” I say as a smile consumes my face.

“I know.” She wiggles closer to me. We both sit their quietly watching teen wolf until I hear her snore and hug me tightly. She’s so cute when she sleeps. I start to rub her head and watch her as she sleeps. I notice that a small smile is plastered on her face. That’s when her eyes flutter open and she looks up at me with her beautiful brown eyes.

“You’re beautiful.” I say without processing what just came out of my mouth.

“Niall?” She sits up and looks at me. I look at her lips and slowly close the gap between us. I softly press my lips to her not trying to makes things sexual. I back away and open my eyes and see tears running down her face.

“What’s wrong?” I ask wiping the tears with my thumb.

“I’m so confused.” She opens her eyes, when she cries they turn a greyish color.

“About what?” I tuck her long hair behind her ear.

“About you and Harry.” More tears pouring from her eyes. All I can do is pull her close, hug her and listen. “It’s just I’ve known you guys for so long I don’t know what to do. I was drunk when Harry and I did those things, yes I have some feelings for him but I also have feelings for you.” She sobs into my chest.

“Don’t be confused, Just get through inpatient and you can decide after you get out okay?” I give a kiss on the head before Zayn and the doctor walk in.

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