Your love is all I need

Danielle Malik was kicked out of her moms house when she turned 18. She has no other decision other than to call her brother Zayn. Its her first summer being 18 she has no idea what to expect living with the biggest boyband in the world. Will love occur? Tragedy? Or maybe someone will find out her biggest secret.


9. Its a party

Niall’s POV Continued:

I helped Dani put her stuff back in her room, and then plopped down onto her bed. “We redid you’re room for you when you were gone.”

“I know I love it. Who came up with the idea?” She smiled and sat down next to me.

“Me.” I started blushing so I looked down at my hands.

“Well thank you very much.” She said scooting closer to me.

“So are you feeling better? No more bad thoughts?” I took her hands into mine.

“Much better, and no bad thoughts.”                            

“That’s good.” I really want to talk to her about who she wants to be with but it’s too soon I mean she just got home today. I don’t know what to say next so I just casually look around the room pretending to admire the work that we’ve put into her room.

“I think we should uhm go and see if dinners done.” I start to get up off the bed.

“Oh yeah that’s a good idea, I’m starving.” She smiles, gets off the bed, takes my hand and we walk into the kitchen. All the boys are gathered in the kitchen talking and drinking beers.

“Is Dani home?” Harry takes a drink of his beer.

“Is who home?” Dani says as we walk in hand in hand.

“Dani!” Everyone yells and pulls us into a group hug, she won’t let go of my hand.

“I’m so glad you’re back!” Louis kisses my cheek.

“Me too.” Liam laughs kissing my head. Harry just stands there glaring at our hands. I try to take my hand away but Dani looks at me and holds on tighter.

“It’s okay Niall.” She whispers in my ear. “Don’t worry about him.” She gives me a reassuring smile.


Harry’s POV:

“Is Dani home?” I ask taking a drink of my beer.

“Is who home?” Dani says as she walks in hand in hand with Niall.

“Dani!” Everyone yells as we pull them into a group hug.

“I’m so glad you’re back!” Louis kisses her cheek.

“Me too.” Liam laughs kissing her head. I just stand there glaring at their hands. It’s pissing me off, why is he holding her hand. He likes her! I knew he liked her. He better back off I liked her first. I see Dani whisper something to Niall and smile at him. I can tell he’s uncomfortable. Is she holding his hand to make me jealous? Oh she’s gonna get it. A smirk spreads across my face.

“So what do you want to do tonight boys?” Louis asks grabbing another beer.

“Pool party!” Liam jumps up and down like a child.

“Sounds good to me.” Zayn plops down on the couch.

“I’ll call Ed and see if he wants to come.” I take my phone out to send a text to Ed.

To. Ed Sheeran

Hey mate, Dani just got back from inpatient and we’re having a pool party c’mon over.

“I’ll order Nando’s. Dani and I are hungry.” Niall says smiling at Dani.

“I’m gonna go and change into my bikini. Are you gonna change?” Dani looks at me.

“Uh yeah.” I don’t really know if she’s hinting at me to go with her or what so I start walking towards the my bedroom. “I’ll meet you out here when I’m done okay?”

“Oh yeah, okay.” She lets go of my hand and walks into her room. I quickly change knowing I’m going to see Dani in a bikini. Just the thought makes me aroused. I’m changed and outside her room in a matter of seconds. I stand there playing with my fingers when I see a pair of feet in front of me. I slowly look up taking in every inch of her body. She’s beautiful. Her long brown hair is pulled back in a messy ponytail and her lime green bikini flatters her tiny little body so well. She closes the distance between us, goes on her tippy toes.

“Might wanna wear compression shorts.” She brushes her hand past my crotch and winks at me before grabbing my hand and bringing me into the kitchen. Everyone’s around eating Nando’s. “I’m gonna go and get towels.” Dani breaks free from my grip and runs to the room. With Dani gone I take the opportunity to make our plates. I make sure to pack them full. She comes back and sits next to me.

“Damn Niall I’m not a cow. I’m not eating all of this.” She pushes the food around on her plate.

“You eat it all or you don’t go swimming.” I shove more chicken in my mouth.

“Whatever you say DAD.” She laughs taking a bite.

Everyone’s finished eating Dani helped Zayn clean up the dishes and we all head outside.

“Last one in the pools a rotten egg.” Dani cannonballs into the pool followed by Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and I.

“Ooooo Ed looks like you’re a rotten egg.” Harry laughs shaking the water droplets out of his curls.

“Yeah yeah yeah.” Ed jumps in and dunks Harry.

Danielle’s POV:

Everyone’s having a good time laughing, and drinking. I get out of the pool to go and get a beer.

“So you and Niall?” Liam pokes me on the tummy.

“Heheheh I really like him.” I giggle and sip my beer.

“He talked about you nonstop when you were gone.”


“Yeah he likes you a lot. Go get the man of your dreams.”

I watch Niall as he splashes Louis and looks at me. His blue eyes staring into mine, he’s so beautiful. I break out of my trance and head towards the hot tub. I get in, turn the jets on high, close my eyes and relax.

“Mind if I join you?” I look open my eyes to see Harry.

“Sure” He gets in and sits right next to me. I feel his hand on my thigh inching closer and closer to my crotch. “Harry what’re you doing?!” I take smack his hand away.

“Trying to be with you, I know you were trying to make me jealous by holding Niall’s hand.” He moves closer to me

“No I was holding hands with Niall because I like Niall.”

“Are you sure about that? I’m pretty sure that you didn’t like him when you were moaning my name in bed.”

“Harry that was a mistake I was drunk!”

“Sure didn’t seem like a mistake when you told me you loved me.”

“Whatever Harry, think what you want, but I like Niall” I argued getting out of the hot tub. I stormed towards the house not seeing the cord to the stereo I tripped over it smacking hard on the concrete. Darkness, that’s all remember.

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