Your love is all I need

Danielle Malik was kicked out of her moms house when she turned 18. She has no other decision other than to call her brother Zayn. Its her first summer being 18 she has no idea what to expect living with the biggest boyband in the world. Will love occur? Tragedy? Or maybe someone will find out her biggest secret.


5. Actual Love

Louis’ POV:            

Everything seems to be happening before my eyes. I sit on the couch stunned as I watch medics rush into the house, and taking Dani out on a gurney. I’ve known Dani since she was 15; she’s always been a little sister to me. I didn’t know she was depressed, if I knew I’d help her.

“C’mon mate, we’ve got to go to the hospital.” Liam grabs my hand and helps me off the couch.

“Is she dead?” I mumble as my knees give out and he catches me.

“I don’t know Lou, let’s go and find out.” He helps me to the car as we wait for the rest of the boys to get in. Niall is stunned just like I am, Zayn and Harry are bawling their eyes out, and Liam is hiding his fear trying to be the daddy of the group. We arrive at the hospital; we all just sit in the car. No one can move, we don’t want to move, we don’t want to know if we have to plan a funeral in the next few days. Liam is the first one to make the move of getting out, we all slowly follow him in, like we’re all in a trance.

“Where’s Danielle Malik’s room?” Liam asks the nurse at the front desk.

“Oh, poor girl. She’s gone into surgery know, the doctors are trying to save her life. Please have a seat the doctor will come out and let you know if anything happens.” She points to the seating area.

We all take a seat and wait for what seems like ages until a doctor comes out.

“Who’s here for Danielle Malik?” He said looking up off his clip board. We all stand at one time.

“I’m her brother.” Zayn walked up to him.

“Well, after struggling to connect the veins and muscle together we have saved her life.” He puts his hand on Zayn’s shoulder. We all sigh in relief.

“Well can we go and see her now?” Niall and Harry say in sync.

“Right this way.” He leads us to her room. “She may be asleep, I wouldn’t advise waking her up. She’s tired and very sore.”

“Thanks doc.” Zayn shook his hand before he left the room. I settle down in the chair next to the bed waiting for her to wake up, sleep slowly takes control of my body.

Zayn’s POV:

Thoughts race through my mind as to why Dani tried to kill herself. What are we going to do with her? She needs professional help. With the look of her wrists she needs it soon. I take her and into mine and I give it a squeeze. I wish I could’ve prevented this. It’s all my fault, tears are now streaming down my face. I try to hide it but the boys have already noticed.

“Zayn she’s alive why are you crying?” Liam puts his arm around me.

“I could’ve prevented this, it’s all my fault.” I cry into hands.

“Zayn, its no one’s fault we couldn’t have done anything.” Niall pats me on the back. Harry sits in the corner silent. I’m still mad at him for having sex with her. He did this it’s his fault not mine. If he didn’t fuck her then I wouldn’t have gotten mad and punched him which caused her to cut herself.

“You know what, it’s not my fault, its Harry’s. He’s the one who fucked my little sister.” I yell wiping the tears from my eyes. That’s when Harry looks up, his eyes are blood shot, and he hasn’t stopped crying since we first found her. “Harry, I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean it.”

“No Zayn it is my fault.” He clutches his fists together. “I knew she was depressed, she promised she’d stop but then she cut before we went to the club, I saw when we were there. I thought shots would get our minds off of it, but it lead to other things.”

“Harry, stop it’s not your fault.” I tried to rewire his thinking but it just made him cry even more.

“Mmmm what happened?” Dani asked waking up from her slumber.

“Dani!” I excitedly yelled a little too loud while kissing her on her head.

“Where am I?” She started flipping shit.

“Dani, you’re in the hospital you tried to kill yourself.” Harry took her hand is his. She looked at the contact he had just made with her; it seemed to calm her down as a small smile spread across her face.

“Harry?” She asked looking at him weirdly.

“Yes love?” He squeezed her hand.

“W-will you s-stay with m-me? Tears forming in her eyes.

“Sure.” He said wiping the tears that were now falling down her face, then taking a seat in a chair.

“I think you’ve had enough excitement for today dear, get some sleep, Harry can stay here the rest of us will be back tomorrow.” I kissed her on her head before waking up Louis to leave.

“Night guys see you tomorrow.” Harry said tucking Dani in before he settled back into the chair changing the channel on the TV.

I actually think Harry truly likes her.

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