Meeting Justin Bieber


3. "In here."

Demi's POV


Justin grabbed the emergency phone & started arguing with the other end. 

"Dammit! 4 hours?! No no no I can't wait that long, I have a concert tonight. Ok look just get me & this girl out of here.", Justin said yelling at the other end. Then he hung up the phone. He sat down on the floor. I did the same sitting down at the opposite corner at the elevator. He was in the other corner. My eyes never leaving his face. I was in complete shock. He sighed & began to speak. 

"Is your phone working?", He asked me. 

"N-no I. I already checked.", I managed to stutter out. 

"Well if we are stuck in this elevator. We might as get to know each other. Hi I'm Ju-"

"I know who you are. Your Justin Bieber. I'm Demi.", I said. 

"Ohhh so your a fan?", He asked

"Bieleber.", I corrected him. We both chuckled. 

"So what brings you to New York City.", He asked. 

"Me & my best friend are here for the umm well we're here for your concert.", I said. 

"Are you serious?!! Yes!! Where are you sitting?", He asked getting excited. 

"We're sitting on the front row to my right which would be your left. Oh & we have meet & greet tickets.", I said. 

"Yay ok look this is what we're gonna do. Umm actually let me make it a surprise.", He said. 

"Ugg ok I'll wait.", I said & laughed. 

"Hey can I ask you something?", He asked. 

"Yea sure anything.", I replied. 

"Well um can you come to my hotel room tonight?", He asked. 

"Sure!", I answered a little too quickly. He laughed. 

"Ok great. Can I see your phone & we can exchange numbers & text later tonight.", He asked. Sliding his phone towards me. I grabbed his phone unlocked it & put my number in. I was touching his phone! :0 I slid his phone back. 

"Great. Can I see your phone?", He asked. I sighed. 

"This is embarrassing but ok.", I said sliding my phone towards him. He unlocked my phone & he starting laughing so hard. Of course my background is him! I put my hands in my face so embarrassed, & what Justin did next I will never forget. He crawled over towards me, took my hands away from my face, kissed my check & whispered,

"Hey it's ok I think it's adorable & sweet.", He said looking into my eyes. I melted. After that he sat by me & we just talked about everything & anything. Then we heard a knock on the elevator door. 

"Hello are you in there?", a manly voice said. 

"Yea in here.", Justin yelled back. The doors pried open & we got out. He blew me a kiss & waved goodbye with a huge smile on his face. I couldn't believe this was happening to me! 

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