Meeting Justin Bieber



5. "I think I'm hilarious."

Demi's POV: 


After the M&G Baylee finally calmed down. I thought I was gonna have to take this girl to the hospital like oh my goodness I swear she was about to have a heart attack. Baylee & I where sitting in our seats in the arena. We were singing along to every song that they played waiting for Justin to come out. 

"she's dropping out of school cause she don't need the grades the colors in her hair don't seem to fade I get dressed up when I go out but she gets dressed down" the speakers in the arena were playing Try Hard by 5SOS. (A/N: go listen to them now!!! omg like just go listen to them!!!) I looked down at the signed CD just gave me. This is what it said: 

"Aye Demi! Don't forget about tonight! ;) - Justin 

I sat there smiling like an idiot. He is so sweet. 

"Listen you to! If you get in my way of Justin I will slap the hell out of you. He is all mine & I know he wants me. So back off! Understand?!" This random girl said to us. 

"Ummm I don't think he would want a snobby brat like you." I replied. I didn't care who she was she don't know me! Baylee's eyes widened as I said this. She knows that I am not to be crossed & I don't play, but she was surprised I said this to a total stranger. 

"Oh you think your real funny huh?" She said with her hands in her hips. 

"I think I'm hilarious." I said sarcastically mocking the way she was standing. 

"Oh you just wait till Justin comes out. Your gonna get your ass beat." She said. Before I could say anything else the lights dimmed & Justin came on the stage. 

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