Meeting Justin Bieber



1. "Hurry Up!"


Demi's POV



"Baylee turn off the alarm.", I said in my groggy morning voice.

"AHHH!!", Baylee screamed & shot out of her bed. "TODAY IS THE JUSTIN BIEBER CONERT!!" 

"AHHH!!", We both screamed & started fangirling together. I could've sworn we woke up the entire hotel. We were in New York City at a really nice hotel. If this was going to be the best night of our lives we wanted everything to be perfect. 

"Okay, okay so we just woke up & it's 9am. We have 2 hours to get ready. Then at 11am we'll head down to eat breakfast. Then at 12pm.... JUSTIN BIEBER!!!", Baylee said. 

"Wait we're leaving at noon?", I asked questionaly. 

"Duh we have to see him get off the tour bus then go inside for the meet & greet.", Baylee said. 

"Ohhh well lets hurry up & get ready.", I said. 

------2 hours later------

"Do you think Justin will come over & sweep me in his arms & ask me to be his?", Baylee said with her hands over her heart staring into the distance. She looked like she was having the best daydream ever. 

"ha ha in your dreams.", I said back at her. I was wearing white shorts, a purple v-neck polo, & sparkly toms. My long red hair was strait. Baylee was wearing blue jean shorts, a pink polo, & sperrys. Her long brown hair was curly. 

"Ok let's go.", Baylee said grabbing her ticket. We got into the elevator & she pushed the button to get to the 1st floor. We walked into the lobby, & I could've sworn there were a million girls standing there singing the lyrics to Baby. We ran to the front desk & asked what was going on. 

"Justin Bieber is staying here & I think you can figure out the rest.", He said. 

"NO WAY!!", Baylee & I screamed. 

"HEY! I know your guest but Justin's mangement made it very clear that Justin does not want any crazy fans around him, so if you want to stay in this hotel I suggest you calm down. Where's your mother?", He said sternly & kinda rude. 

"Umm exuse me sir we are 18.", Baylee said. 

"Oh well carry on I have work to do.", He said turning away.


"Rude!", I siad as me & Baylee walked away. 

"Justin Bieber is in this hotel! What is he's our neighbor?!", Baylee said. 

"C'mon lets be real here that only happens in movies.", I said. 

------after breakfast headed to the car------

"Shot!", I siad. "Baylee I'll be right back I left my ticket in the room."

"How could you possibly forget your ticket?", She said. 

"I know, I know I'll be right back wait here.", I said mentally hitting myself for being so stupid. 

"Okay just hurry up.", Baylee said.

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