Meeting Justin Bieber


7. Horrible Bosses

Demi's POV: 


Justin & I are currently driving to the hotel. Baylee left with Austin right after the concert. I think they went clubbing but I don't know. Justin offered me a ride back to the hotel since we wanted to hang out anyways. 

"So did you have fun tonight?" Justin asked. 

"Yesss!!" I said & laughed. 

"We'll that's good." Justin said. "You hungry?" 

"I could eat." I replied. Justin smashed the gas & drove like a 100mph all the way to McDonalds. 

"I wanted my food fast." He said & laughed. We got in the drive through which was a pretty long line if people. 

"Aye if she doesn't notice who I am.... let's do a prank." He said with a devious smile. 

"Like what?" I laughed/asked. 

"You'll see." He said smirking & turned up the radio. Gas Pedal was playing. You know that thing Justin does right before he sings. He looks all serious & he licks his lips real slow. He did this the started singing Gas Pedal & doing some weird dance to it. #dead 

"What you want shawty?" He asked. We were next in line. 

"A number 1 large combo with a Dr. Pepper." I said & smiled. He laughed. 

"You are not like normal girls." He said. 

"What? I like food." I said. He laughed. We went up to the voice monitor thingy & Justin began to order out food. 

Hi welcome to Mc'Donald's. Can I take your order. 

Yea boo boo can I get 2 large number 1s with a Dr. Pepper & a Sprite. (A/N: he's talking like a ghetto girl.) 

Alright that wi-

Hold on now boo boo I ain't finished. Alright I waaaaaaaaaaaaaa......... hmmmmmmmmm I. Want. 2 ice cream cones. 

Is that all?

Yea boo dat it. 

Alright that will be $7.34. 

At this point I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt. 

"Did you like dat boo boo?" He said still in his ghetto voice. 

"Yes!" I said laughing. We went to the window to pay & get our food & stuff. 

"$7.3- HOLY CRAB NUGGETS YOUR JUSTIN BIEBER!!" The employee screamed. Her name tag read Ginger, so I'm guessing her name was Ginger. 

"Yup. hahaha! You a fan?" Justin asked. 

"Yes!" She screamed.  Justin signed a napkin & gave it to her. He paid her exactly $7.34. She handed as the food with her shaky hands. 

"Your ice cream is coming." She said starring at Justin. 

"Oh yea here's a tip!" Justin said pulling out a $100 bill. Her mouth opened as she slowly toke the money. 

"Here's your ice cream." She said. 

"Thank you! Have a nice day Ginger!" He said & grabbed the ice cream. Not by the cone. He literally grabbed the ice cream & sped off. 

"I think this is the 10th time I've done this. I never learn. haha!" Justin said. 

"I can't believe you just did that." I said laughing really hard. 

---- 15 minutes later at the hotel in Justin's hotel living room sitting on the couch. 

"Wanna watch a movie?" He asked shoving the burger in his mouth.

"Sure." I replied. 

"See that suitcase over there?" He asked. 

"Yea." I said. 

"There's about 100 movies to chose from. Have fun." He said. I walked over to the suitcase & looked through the movies. 

"Horrible Bosses?" I asked him & held up the movie. 

"Sure! That movie is so funny." He said. 

"I know!" I replied. I put the movie in & turned off the light. About 15 minutes into the movie my phone buzzed. 

Twitter Notifications: 
@justinbieber: watchin horrible bosses with the fav! 

I smiled it was a pic of our feet on the coffee table & the outline of the t.v. screen. About an hour passed when sleep suddenly fell over me. 


Justin's POV: 


Demi fell asleep about 2 minutes ago. I was really tired & didn't feel like watching the rest of the movie. I picked Demi up bridal style & laid her in my bed. I didn't want her to wake up & not know where she was so I got in beside her. I was just about to fall asleep when she rolled over & snuggled into my chest. I put my arms around her waist & this is how I fell asleep. Right next to my 'fav'.


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