Meeting Justin Bieber



6. Concert Time!

Justin's POV:  "C'mon Justin showtime!" I heard Scooter yell. I went on stage & Demi immediately caught my eye. From the moment I met her I knew I wanted her in my life. She's so pretty & adorable. I want to get to know her. I realized I was staring at her because my guitarist came up to me & nudged me to start singing.  "What's up New York?!" I screamed. They applauded & screamed. I started singing Somebody to Love. Demi was literally on my mind the entire song. What is going on with me? I was pointing & singing to the crowd. I pointed at one girl & she fainted. Whoops. I hope she's ok. I looked at Demi. A girl beside her was.... hitting her?  "OH HELL NO!" I didn't realize I said that out loud. Too late. I didn't even finish the first song & I already messed up the concert. I ran backstage to find Scooter.  "Justin what th-" He said but couldn't finish because I cut him off.  "I need a girl to come backstage, make it 3 girls. If I tell you who they are will you go get them?" I asked. "Justin I ca-" He said but I cut him off.  "Please Scooter, you have to." I begged. He sighed.  "Who are they?" Scooter asked. I smiled.  "C'mon." I grabbed his hand & lead him on stage. He started freakin out cause he wasn't supposed to be on stage. I turned off my mic & started to tell him where the girls were.  "Oh yea & Scooter. The red head that your bringin backstage. Make her the One Less Lonely Girl." I said.   "Got it." He said & ran backstage.  "Sorry for the delay we had a problem. hahaha!" I said & laughed & began to sing Stuck In the Moment.   Demi's POV:  About an hour passed of Justin singing & doing his thing. It was a great concert! Except that girl. I don't know why this girl was hitting us. Like are you serious?! Anyways we're currently being lead backstage by Scooter. He said Justin needed to tell us something. Baylee was just sitting there smiling like an idiot. (aka inner fangirling) The other girl was loosing it! Tears were rushing down her face & she was freakin out.  "They're here!" Scooter yelled. Justin came out of nowhere. He was smiling & really happy.  "Aye! If I give you 2 front row tickets to tomorrow's show will you leave? What's your name?" Justin said to the girl that was hitting us.  "Tori. Why do I have to leave?" She said kinda snotty.  "Just please do it for me." Justin said. "Scooter will lead your car." Scooter then escorted her out of the room without saying another word. Justin looked at us smiling.  "I couldn't have my 2 favorite girls not enjoying the concert!" He said. We laughed.  "Thank you Justin." Me & Baylee said.  "Ok I have like 5 more minutes until I have to preform again. One less lonely girl is next & I was kinda hopping you would be that girl, Demi." Justin said.  "Of course!" I said & smiled. "Great! Oh yea & Baylee do you wanna hang out with my friend Austin while I'm with Demi?" Justin asked.  "Sure!" Baylee said & smiled.  "Aye yo Austin I want you to meet someone." Justin yelled. Oh. My. God. Austin Mahone walked in the room.  "Hey Jus-" He couldn't finish because he looked at Baylee & stood there speechless.  "Hi I'm Austin." He said.  "I'm Baylee." She said.  "Wanna come hang out in my dressing room? Not like that! But do you may-" He said. "Of course!" Baylee said keeping him from embarrassing himself more. They walked off & soon disappeared.  "I knew they'd be cute. haha!" Justin said & laughed.  "Matchmaker Justin!" I said & we both laughed.  "Ok I gotta go out there. She'll take care of you." Justin said pointing to a lady who waved & smiled.  "Bye Shawty!" Justin said & ran off. I heard Justin go on stage & he started talking to the crowd. "Who wants to be my One Less Lonely Girl?" He asked. The crowd went nuts!  "That's your cue!" The lady said & was telling me what to do & where to go. I was so excited & ready to go out there. Yup. It's official me & Justin are besties. I was myself around him & I wasn't trying to be someone I'm not. Two of Justin's dancers lead me up to a stool to sit on. I sat in front of thousands of people. It was kinda scary but then Justin came in my view. He gave me roses & the OLLG crown. He played with my hair & sang to me. The song ended & he smiled even bigger if that's even possible. He turned off his mic & started talking to me.  "I gotta sing Baby then we can talk after the concert but I want you to stay up here when I sing Baby is that ok?" Justin asked. I nodded. "Aye my girl Demi is gonna stay up her when I sing this next song. Is that ok?" He asked. Some of them cheered others booed. "This is Baby!" He yelled. He sang the song to me again! (: "Goodnight New York!" He said & we ran off the stage. 
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