Meeting Justin Bieber


4. "Catching Feelings."

Demi's POV: 


"Where the hell have you been? I've been waiting for hours." Baylee asked with her arms crossed on her chest. She was not a happy camper. 

"I got trapped in an elevator calm down.Justin hasn't left so its ok let's just go." I said as we hopped in the car. A few minutes passed as we were listing to Never Say Never then Baylee turned down the radio. 

"Wait, hold on how did you know that Justin hasn't left the hotel?" Baylee said. Shit, I thought to myself. I couldn't tell Baylee. Justin told me not to. 

"I-uh-I saw his tour bus was still parked at the hotel." I said through my teeth hopping she would believe me. 

"ummm ok." Baylee said. We pulled up to the arena & some how found a parking spot. We hopped out & Baylee grabbed my arm & nearly drug me across the parking lot. We went up to these fences where a lot of screaming girls were standing. We pushed our way through the crowd & got to the front. You could see Justin's tour bus. The doors opened! He hopped out & waved to everybody. He was scanning the fences looking at all his fans then he saw me. His face lit up like a Christmas tree. He ran over to us & meet Baylee & talked to her. It looked like she was gonna pee her pants. It was hilarious. Then he looked at me & smiled even bigger if that's even possible. 

"Aye shawty! What's your name?" He said with his beautiful Canadian accent. He winked trying to play it cool even though we have already meet. 

"Demi." I responded with a wink. 

"JUSTIN!!!! C'MON!!!!!" Someone screamed. 

"Bye shawty!" Justin yelled as he was running off. 

"andidnsjenksnshdbzhscskd!!!!!!!" Baylee was screaming & crying. aka MAJOR fangirl attack. I laughed & pretended to fangirl with her. I mean me & Justin are practically friends now. We spent hours talking in an elevator so yea. I'm over my fangirling days. I did not want Baylee to find out about me & Justin. I love Baylee like a sister & all but she would totally freak out! 

"Let's keep this between us." 
"I promise."
Our conversation flashed in my mind. 

"C'mon Baylee let's go inside for the M&G." I smiled at her. We went inside & these people gave us numbers. I was number 6 & Baylee was number 7. 

"Number 6. Number 7. Please step forward into the room." Someone called out. 

"Aye shawty!" Justin's face lit up. 

"Hey." I said & smiled. Baylee was crying. 

"Awww it's ok don't cry." Justin said & hugged her. I laughed. It was too funny! 

"What's your favorite song?" Justin asked us. 

"U Smile." Baylee said. 

"Catching Feelings." I said. 

"Me too." Justin said & looked at me. 

"1 minute!" Someone called out. 

"Let's take a picture." Justin suggested. We toke our picture & he signed our CD's & left. It was absolutely perfect. 

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