My New Life

Life in an orphanage is hard but gets easier Jaydin found out.She shortly moved to an orphanage after her mother left to go on tour with her girlfriend.Her best friend soon joined her.They had no clue that they would end up living with the famous Simon Cowell and his newest clients.Will they have fun or want to go back to the orphanage they once called home?


3. The Boys

                                                                  ~Jaydin's POV~

We talked for about 30 minutes before 3 cute boys walked into the kitchen.They were part of One Direction.Raelyn and I looked at each other then she turned to look at her feet.''Simon!''Niall said in his thick Irish accent.I walked up stairs to change for a dip in the pool.

                                                               ~Rae's POV~

The rest of the boys walked over and gave him a hug.Uncle Si had some work to do before he left again.''Who is this beautiful girl?''Liam asked while walking over to me.''I'm Nathan's daughter and you are Liam James Payne am I right?"I asked shakily as he put his firm hands on my shoulders.''That is correct.Let me guess you are a huge directioner?''He asked taking his hands off my shoulder and moving to the fridge to get a cold Coke.''Yeah but not as huge as Jaydin.''I said.''Who?''Niall almost whispered.I told them to follow me and I walked to Jay's room.I opened the door just as Jay finished tying her top to her bikini.''AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!''She screamed running into her bathroom.She peaked out then spoke.''Omg!Rae don't do that to me!''She screeched.I told the boys to follow me quietly and they nodded.''Sorry Jay I just had to check on you since you walked out when three boys from your favorite band walked in.''I said.She sighed.''I was scared I would freak out being a huge fan and all plus I got hot so I'm going to hop into the pool.''She said taking off her make up.''Ok but they want to meet you.''I said.''OMFG!!They do!''She almost screamed.I nodded.She walked out and I watched the boys mouths drop to the floor.''Is it just me or did it just get hot in here?''Harry asked.Jaydin's cheeks started to turn pink.''Raelyn,you said she was a girl not a super model.''Niall said in his thick Irish accent and her cheeks turned from florescent pink to tomato red.She mumbled something under her breath that couldn't  quite hear.Me and Liam went down stairs to watch Toy Story.I laid my head on his chest and he wrapped his big muscular arm around me and we fell asleep.

                                                                      ~Jaydin's POV~ 

I told Haz and Ni that I was going to take a shower but Harry refused to leave so I grabbed my clothes and went into the Bathroom.I only had my pants on when Harry walked in.I covered myself and pushed him out.''Jay can I join?''He asked giving me his pup eyes .I shook my head.He kept begging until I told him he could sleep in my bed with me if he left.As soon as I said that he ran out of the room as fast as he could making me laugh.After I got on my lime green tank and fluffy green shorts and headed down stairs for dinner.As soon as I walk into the kitchen I see Rae sitting there then out of no where I smell bacon...

__________________________________________________________________________Hey guys!Well I know EVERYBODY gives their fans or the people reading their books nicknames instead of just guys or fans so i think I'm going to call you cupcakes!!!Comment what you think of that.Plus what do you think is going to happen.Thanks bye for now!!P.S. will you tell me if I need to write more notes.Bye cupcakes!!!

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