My New Life

Life in an orphanage is hard but gets easier Jaydin found out.She shortly moved to an orphanage after her mother left to go on tour with her girlfriend.Her best friend soon joined her.They had no clue that they would end up living with the famous Simon Cowell and his newest clients.Will they have fun or want to go back to the orphanage they once called home?


1. Simon Cowell

As I walked out of my room in the orphanage Raelyn almost ran into me''OMG!!!Simon Cowell is in our orphanage!!''She screamed.''He saw your picture and might want you to be his daughter!''With that we ran down stairs acting like we didn't know and she ran into the main office where Amanda and Simon sat talking about adopting me,he also wanted Rae.She had heard him too.We ran up to our room and jumped on our beds till we heard a knock.''Girls girls calm down!" Amanda said walking in with Simon hot on her heals.I gasped and looked Amanda who looked like she was going to cry.I was the first here at the orphanage.And Raelyn was the second.Rae was my bestie even before we came to the orphanage.I never thought Rae would end up here and as soon as we showed up at this place it was up and running.Amanda never stopped thanking us but now there she stood looking at me with tears of joy and sadness.'Girls I'm Sim-''Simon said but I interrupted him.''We know we watch you on the X-Factor.''I said to him.''Ok good.Well then I just wanted to let you know that Jaydin you are going to be my daughter.So you can just call me dad alright?And Raelyn you are my niece so just call me uncle Simon or uncle ok?''He said.We nodded while he told us to grab our stuff and meet him down stairs.''Oh and your dad is my brother Nathan who is also my assistant so you will be living with us.''He added while walking out the door.As soon as we finished we ran down stairs and hugged Amanda.After we said our fair wells Simon put his hands on our shoulders and walked us out to the limo that was parked in the front.

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