My New Life

Life in an orphanage is hard but gets easier Jaydin found out.She shortly moved to an orphanage after her mother left to go on tour with her girlfriend.Her best friend soon joined her.They had no clue that they would end up living with the famous Simon Cowell and his newest clients.Will they have fun or want to go back to the orphanage they once called home?


2. New Home

We got in and started off towards the airport.''Girls my newest clients now live with us ok?''Simon chirped.''Ok dad may i ask who they are?''I asked my new father.''The band of One Direction.''He answered me.Raelyn and I squealed the whole ride to the airport.***SKIP FLIGHT***We got into a Lamborghini and headed to our new house.Rae and I ended up falling asleep in the car so when we got home dad carried me in and sat me on the couch.I was woken by the smell of bacon and almost puked because of it.I ran into someone bathroom,I didn't know who's but I didn't care.Rae came in after me.''Omg!Whats wrong Jay!?!?''She asked as I puked up the peanuts from the plain.''Bacon.''I said as I puked again.

                                                               ~Raelyn's POV~

I ran into the kitchen and grabbed the bacon I was cooking.I threw it out of the window and tried to get rid the smell.5 minutes Jaydin came out of the bathroom.''Thanks girl.''She said rubbing her arm.We heard my uncle run down.''Sweet heart are you alright?''He asked Jaydin with a worried look.''Yeah sorry its just that bacon makes me sick.''She responded.The sound of keys hitting the table caused Jay and I to jump.''Nathan!"Simon said hugging a man with brown hair and brown eyes.''Nathan this is your daughter Raelyn.''My uncle said knocking me out of my thoughts.''Shes beautiful.She also kind of looks like me.''he said in a deep voice.Then I saw what he was talking about,we did look similar.

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