Being a Hybrid (One Direction - Niall)

What would you feel if there was one secret that you could not tell anyone because you were too afraid that they would not accept you, well that's what 19 year old Irish singer Niall Horan feels like. Most people know him of course, he is in the famous and called one direction. Niall is getting more depressed after not having comfort from people and attention that he needs as he is part cat. What happens to Niall when one band member finds out his secret and what will everyone else do when he starts having deep feelings towards one of his band member's. Will they kick him out the band for being a freak of nature or will he get the love and attention that he has never had before in the story of being a hybrid?


10. Chapter 9

Liam's P.O.V


Day 1 on the bus and let me see what's happened so far. Well let's start with Larry Stylinson, they have been great together and i think Harry get's very over protective with Louis when they are around fans. Zayn is being his normal self, A hair maniac who won't leave the bathroom unless his hair is perfect or if you physically drag him out yourself and Paul got very frustrated when we were late arriving on the bus this morning. Me and Niall have been great still, all the boy's think that he's like my little baby/Toddler because he loves sleeping in my arms. I think their right i looked through some of the pics they took and he looks so peaceful. 

Today we are going to a interview about our current tour.

"Boy's you ready to go?" Paul asked getting in the driver's side of the door.

"Yeah go ahead Paul," I answered and he nodded. I was sat in the front while all the other boys were stuck in the back bickering with each other over different subjects.


We arrived at the interview and got met by a lot of fans that we had to walk through. Paul said that me and Zayn had to go first and then the rest will follow. Me and Zayn got out and started making our way through the screaming crowd. We eventually got to the doors and 5 minutes later we were met by the other's.

"Where's Niall!" I shouted at Paul after noticing it was only him, Harry and Louis that had come.

"I...Uh he was right behind me," He stuttered. I pushed him out the way and back into the crowd.

"NIALL!" I shouted and i couldn't see him.

"L...LIAM H..HELP ME!" I heard him shout and i looked over to see a little girl in front of me tugging my hand.

"He's over here Liam," She said in a sweet voice. She pulled me through the crowd where i saw a load of people surrounding Niall while he was on the floor shaking and crying. I noticed he had scratches on his arms and face.

"MOVE!" I shouted at the crowd and they all stood back in shock at my sudden anger.

I ran up to Niall and he lifted his arms for me to hold him. I picked him up and he held onto me for dear life. I walked over to the little girl with Niall crying in my arms.

"Thank you so much sweetie," I said to her and she made me bend down.

"I know your secret and i think it's cute, you also both look good with each other but i must say next time you need to stay with him he looks very fragile without you," She said. She only looked around 9 and she had a great understanding, and she already know's are secret which is the only secret we have which is Niall being a hybrid.

"Thank you so much, we got to go now," I said and she just nodded at me.

"Shh Niall it's ok," I soothed him and he just kept crying and shaking in my arms. I walked through the crowd and met the other's at the door. I pushed right past Paul, Harry and Louis, i wasn't too happy with them they should have made sure they were all together.

"Hey Liam is he ok?" Zayn asked walking in line with me.

"No he is fucking petrified now because Paul didn't do his job and his best mates weren't even looking after him they were to bothered being lovey dovey," I said to him.

"Come on mate let's help get him cleaned in the spare dressing room?" He asked and i nodded to him as we proceeded down the the hallway, only to enter the last door on the right.

As we walked in i sat on the couch with Niall in my arms. Zayn rushed into the bathroom and grabbed some gauze wrap, scissors, band aids and some wipes.

"Come here Niall let's get you cleaned and healed," I said to him and he sat up and stared at me with tears releasing from his eyes while running down his face.

"O..K," Zayn sat behind Niall and pulled him into his lap while i started cleaning the cuts. I watched as every cut i cleaned and covered up Niall would cry into Zayn's chest.

"It's ok Niall i'm almost done, then we'll go with Zayn to the pet store yh?" I asked him.

"Re...Really?" He whimpered looking straight at me. I stopped cleaning his cuts and kissed him on the forehead.

"Of course Niall, we can do this interview another time," 


He smiled weakly at me, " Thank you LiLi," He said.

I looked at Zayn as I went back to cleaning the cuts and I just nodded knowing he understands. H smiled and nodded back too.

" Zaynie, i get to go see baby animals!" Niall jumped in excitement, His moods were weird, i was still trying to get my head around it. Zayn started laughing at his excitement.

"Yes Niall i know i'm coming with you," He said, i didn't mind having Zayn with us, he's straight so it's not a problem and he would have looked after Niall if he was the one in the crowd.

I finished cleaning the cuts and covering them up.

"Come on Niall," I sad to him and he climbed into my arms while Zayn stood up next to me.

Just as we started making our way out the door and down the hall we heard Paul and the other boys.

"LIAM, WHERE ARE YOU GOING!" Paul shouted running towards us.

"Going," I said continuing to walk.

"No your not you lot got an interview to do," He said grabbing my arm. Zayn shot me a glance and i nodded giving him Niall who was shaking from the sudden atmosphere.

"Zayn take him to the car," I said to him and Niall started crying.

"NO LIAM," He shouted.

"It's ok Niall i'll be there in a minute then we'll go," I said to him and he calmed down and left with Zayn holding him.

"You bring him back Liam, what the hell do you think your doing walking out before the interview,"

Paul said sternly.

"I'll tell you what's bloody wrong Paul, first of all you never did your job proberly and two, i'm taking Niall and Zayn with me for some time to have fun because Niall is sad and scared to death, i found him stuck in a group of fans and they scratched him,"

"But you can't miss this," Paul said.

"YES I FUCKING CAN I'M NOT HAVING NIALL GET HURT AGAIN, I'M TAKING NIALL TO HAVE FUN WITHOUT YOU!" I shouted and he stared in shock as i wondered down the corridor and into the parking lot.


I walked to the car and jumped into the driver's seat.

~"Hey Liam,"

"Hey Zayn,"

"Did we not get told to go back?" He asked.

"Yh but i kinda shouted at him an then walked off," I explained and he chuckled.

"Never known you to be the rebel type Liam," Zayn said while i just rolled my eye's.


We arrived at the pet store. We all walked in and Niall ran off to a pen to our right. Me and Zayn walked over to find Niall on the floor trying to stoke a kitten who had nearly the same colour fur as Niall except it was a light grey colour with little black streaks on it.

"You wanna hold that kitten Niall?" I asked and his face lit up as he nodded. The best things about pet shops is that you never need to ask, you just pick the animal up. I went over to the cage and picked the kitten up and bent down to Niall's height.

"Here you go Niall," I said and placed the kitten in his hands. He had a huge smile on his face and i just left him and stood by Zayn. We watched him play with the kitten, and cuddle with the kitten.

"He loves that kitten," Zayn said smiling.

"Yh," I said.


We finished at the pet shop and i took Zayn and a sleeping Niall back to the bus.

"Hey Zayn the next time we go to an interview or something , can you  keep an eye on Niall in the crowds because i don't trust anyone else anymore?" I asked him and he looked at me a smiled.

"Of course LiLi," He said.


We arrived at the bus finally and i turned the car off and went to the back seats. I saw Niall still asleep and i picked him up bridal style and carried him out the car.

"Come on babe," I whispered to him and he snuggled into my chest.


We walked into the Bus only to be met by Louis, Harry, Preston, Paul and Simon all on the couch staring at us.

"About time boys," Paul said.

"Sorry but i need to go," I said and started walking towards are bedroom on to be stopped with Preston standing behind me.

"Your not going anywhere, give me Niall now," He said coming closer.

"No," I said sternly and i felt someone walk behind me.

"Look Liam, give us Niall or we'll make you give him," Preston said and i took a step back but bumped into someone and i looked up to see Paul towering over me. I looked over at Zayn who had a scared expression on his face.

"NO, YOU LOT JUST CAUSE HIM PAIN!" I shouted causing Niall to jump in my arms and stare at me and the situation going on.

"LiLi what's going on?" he whispered.

"I'm sorry Liam," Preston said and i was grabbed fro behind by Paul making me drop Niall. He landed on the floor with tears coming out is eye's. Preston went up to Niall and flung him over his shoulder and started walking out the room and towards the door.

"NO LET GO OF HIM, GET OF PAUL!" I shouted and thrashed in his grip but he was too strong for me

"ZAYN DO SOMETHING!" Zayn looked at Preston who was carrying a struggling Niall.

"LET HIM GO PRESTON!" He shouted and went towards Preston  trying to grab Niall. Louis and Harry ran over and tackled Zayn to the ground.

"LIAM!" Niall shouted.

"NIALL, LET HIM GO!" I shouted and attempted to get out the grip again but Paul flung a cloth over my mouth and i watched as Niall was taken and the Zayn getting a cloth over his mouth and i just slipped into darkness with tears streaming down my face.


Harry's P.O.V

We were told that the interview had been canceled because Niall, Zayn and Liam have skipped. I walked over to Louis inside the bus being careful not to make too much noise otherwise Paul would give it away. I stood behind him and then grabbed him pulling him back.

"ARHHHH PAUL HELP ME!" He shouted thrashing around.

"Sorry Louis," Paul said while chuckling at the TV. I dragged him down the hall and into the bunks where he was still thrashing around. I chucked him onto my bed which was the one on the bottom and he stared at me with wide eyes.

"What the hell Harry," Louis said. I walked over and sat on the bed.

"Sorry couldn't resist," I said with a smile. He shook his head and kissed me. He tangled his hands in my hair while i made him lie down. I slipped my hand under his shirt and made him moan in my mouth. I kissed down his neck and sucked. He moaned again and looked at my masterpiece of a love bite. I giggled and pecked him on the lips while getting up from the bed.

"You tease," Louis said.

"Oh yea go look at your neck," i said smirking and his face turned from happy to horrified. He ran to the mirror and examined his neck.

"HARRY!" He shouted.

"Yh," i said and e came up to me.

"You fucking left a huge love bite!" He exclaimed.

"Sorry i'll do anything for you just don't give me one!" I shouted.

"Cook with me?"

"Of course," I said and he smiled leading me towards the kitchen. 

"What do you wanna bake?" I asked him.

"CUPCAKES!" He shouted.


Liam's P.O.V (after Niall left the bus with Preston)

I woke up and found myself in my bunk with the curtain closed. They fucking drugged me!.

I pulled the curtain back to find no-one in the room, but something caught my eye.

I looked at the other bunks and found another one with the curtain closed, i pulled it back to reveal Zayn sleeping. I was about to wake him up when someone came into the room. Paul.

"Well i guess your awake then, Simon wants to talk to you," He said walking closer to me. I walked right past him but he pulled my arm to stop me.

"I'm really sorry i did that to you Liam, but Simon said that i had to," Paul said with a sad face. I pushed his arm off not wanting to hear his excuses and wandered into the living room where Simon was sitting on one of the couches. I took a seat opposite him.

"Hello Liam how r u?" Simon said.

"I don't care what do you want Simon?" I asked him.

"Well, i wanna know what's going on with you and Niall and why is Niall different?" He asked.

"You wanna know what's going on, me and Niall love each other and we have been going out for months until you came and took him away from me," I said letting tears fall.

"I'm sorry but you wouldn't just come without Niall, that reminds me you didn't answer the second question," Simon said.

"I don't want you sympathy Simon, Niall is a hybrid part cat, pat human ok happy now?" I said and he just stared at me.

"Ok Liam i believe you but i warn you, pull another stunt like that again, you will be in trouble you understand, take care of Niall, i don't want him going missing again," Simon said and stood up.

"WHERE IS HE SIMON?" I shouted making him stop and turn around.

"Well Preston has him but he won't be coming back for an hour so why don't you go and buy him something that he liked from the pet store you went to earlier?" Simon suggested. I remembered the kitten that Niall loved, proberly Zayn can come with me.

I ran into the bunks to find Zayn sitting up with his head in his hands. I walked up to him and touched his shoulder. He looked up and stared at me with watery eye's.

"I..I'm sorry Liam i should have done something about Preston," He said, he blames himself but it wasn't his fault.

"Zayn it's fine really NIall is coming back in an hour and i want to go to the pet shop," I said and he looked at me.

"R..Really, let me guess you want to get him the kitten?" He asked and i nodded while he hopped down off the bed and hugged me.

"Come on let's go," I said to him.



We came back to the bus and we put the kitten in the bunks. We had 5 minutes till Preston brought Niall back. We were sat on the couch waiting when i heard a door open.

"Liam?" Preston asked.

"WHERE IS HE!" I shouted.

"It's ok he's in the car outside,"Preston said and i ran out the bus and over to the car where i saw  a window open and i could hear Niall on the back seat crying.

"NIALL!" I shouted running towards the car.

Niall looked out the window and shot out the door and ran into my arms crying.

"L...Liam," He said in my chest.

"It's ok Niall, i got you something in the bus," I said and he looked at me in surprise.

"O..OK," he said and he walked with me into the bus. I pulled him over to the couch and he sat down next to a smiling Zayn.

"What's going on?" Niall asked and i went and grabbed the kitten from the bunks while Zayn covered Niall's eye's.I came back to where Niall was sitting and attached a collar and a bow tie to the kitten.

"Ok let him see Zayn," I said to him and he removed his hands from Niall's eye's and Niall lookd at the kitten and smiled with excitment.

"Who's is she?" He asked stroking the kitten. I looked at him and passed the kitten to him and he sat back on the chair and placed the kitten on his chest and watched as she just cuddled up to Niall and slept on his chest.

"She's your's Niall," I said and he stared at me in shock.

"Really!" He exclaimed trying not to jump around and scare her.

"Yeah me and Zayn went and got her today, what you gonna name her?" I asked him.

"I wanna call her Anna," He said and me and Zayn both looked at each other and smiled.

"That's beautiful Niall why don't you and Anna go to bed while me and Zayn clean up?" I aksed him and he nodded while yawning.

"Ok, thank you LiLi i love you," He said walking towards the bunks with Anna.

"Night babe love you too," I said to him and me and Zayn sat down exhausted from today.

"You know i think you kjust made him very happy," Zayn said to me.

"I know, i love him but it kills me to see him get hurt and to be sad," I said to him. We just sat there and i was thinking to myself. Hopefully we might be able to get permission to have a break and all go on holiday like a mini family for a few days. 


My Nialler was Happy and so was I.


Ok sorry it took so long to update i have been at school so it's been hard to find the time to write so bare with me. I will be updating as many chapter as i can this weekend!


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