Being a Hybrid (One Direction - Niall)

What would you feel if there was one secret that you could not tell anyone because you were too afraid that they would not accept you, well that's what 19 year old Irish singer Niall Horan feels like. Most people know him of course, he is in the famous and called one direction. Niall is getting more depressed after not having comfort from people and attention that he needs as he is part cat. What happens to Niall when one band member finds out his secret and what will everyone else do when he starts having deep feelings towards one of his band member's. Will they kick him out the band for being a freak of nature or will he get the love and attention that he has never had before in the story of being a hybrid?


3. Chapter 2

Recap from last chapter

"Niall why do you have cat ears on your head," Zayn Asked.

I turned to the corner with tears streaming down my face.

End of Recap

Zayn's P.O.V

I just stared as i saw that Niall had cat ears on his head. I felt really bad because they are really cute on him but he was crying because i found out.

"Niall why you crying?" I asked while moving close to the younger boy.

"B...Because your think im a freak of nature and your gonna tell the other's and then kick m out the band," He replied. Why would he think that, i think he looks cute with cat ears.

I moved closer to the boys and put a hand on his shoulder trying to turn him round to look at me.

"Niall i don't think your a freak of nature, look at me" I said to him and he slowly turned towards me and showed me his big blue puffy eyes which were flooding with tears.

" d..on't," He stuttered. I pulled him into a hug and sat there with him while he cried into my shoulder.

I put my hand up up stroked his ear's and he let out a sniffle and then i heard him purr like a cat.

He quickly put his hand over his mouth to try and cover it.

"Don't hide it Nialler i think it's cute, why don't you tell the other's" I suggested and he shook his head.

"No Liam will think im an idiot," Why did he only mention Liam? I remembered this morning, he was staring Liam in the eyes before getting snapped out of his thought by Liam.

"Nialler do you like Liam?" I asked hoping he would tell me.

"Y..YEAH," He said a bit louder. I knew it! How are we gonna tell the boys though, without them freaking out.

"Zayn?" Niall said.

"Yeah," I said looking down at him curling into my side, while i continued to stroke him.

"Will you stay with me if i told the boys," He asked, i smiled in joy he is gonna have the courage to tell him, i think they are gonna scare him if they start running and screaming so i might ask paul if he could come too.

"Yeah sure do you want me to call paul in just in case they scream," I asked and he nodded.

I pulledout my phone and rang Paul.

"Hello Zayn how r u lad?" He asked.

"Hey Paul we got a bit of a situation in the hotel room,"

"why whats wrong?"

" Um well could you come and make sure that the boys are all in the lounge thn text me when they are?"

"urr ok why may i ask?" 

"Well Niall has too tell the boys something, well and you but we don't want the boys to scream or try and run away because it will scare the hell out of Niall is that ok?"

"ok Zayn i trust you im coming to the door now i will text soon"

"Ok bye," i said bye and hung up while we heard a knock at the hotel door.

"You ready Niall?" I asked him.

Niall's P.O.V

"You ready Niall?" Zayn asked and i looked at him. To be honest i don't really wanna be ready but i have to tell them because they will be freaked out even more if they find out themselves, but i am glad Paul is there.

"Yeah," I told him and he smiled down at me while scratching behind my ears which instantly made me purr.

"I gotta change be right back," I said and he stayed there confused with why i had to change.

After changing my trousers, so they could see my tail i opened the bathroom door and walked over to Zayn. I saw his face llight up with happiness as i shyed away.

"Nialler you got a tail," He said as he stood up and touched it. I laughed at his amused expression, while he played with my tail.

"You ready to go Paul just texted me saying their ready," Zayn said and i nidded nervously as we made out way to the door and down the hall.

I could see everyone their as we walked nearer to the door way. As we came into the Living room Zayn spoke to the boys.

"Guys you can't scream or shout or run ok it's just gonna scare Niall," Zayn said and the looked at him like he had gone crazy or somthing.

"Come on Niall," Zayn said and we walked into the living room and they all stared at me.



"God" They said and i shyed away and stood behind Zayn clutching his shirt.

"Guys really all you say is oh my god when he is clearly scared as it is of telling you cause he thinks he is gonna be judged," Zayn snapped at them. I looked over to see paul walk towards us.

"Niall i new there was something that was different about you, no wonder you always asked for milk," Paul joked and hugged me.

" don't think im a freak?" I asked happy that 2 people loved me for who i am.

"No Niall i think it make you look cute, i have heard of hybrids but never knew they were real and it makes me happy that you had the courage to tell us because most hybrids live on the street or get killed, now i know your one i can keep you safe," He said hugging me tighter, He as well stroked my ears and made my purr while he and Zayn laughed.

I looked over at the other 3 boys and they were still staring at my ears and tail.

"You can touch them if you think their not real?" I asked and Louis and harry came runnign to me, which made me jump a little.

"Guy's no running, your scaring him," Zayn said, getting fustrated.

"Sorry," They said in unison and harry scratched my ears and louis touched my tail which made me purr while they laughed.

I blushed when they both said "AWW that's so cute,".

Everyone was laughing when i noticed that Liam was the only one standing there not laughing.

"L..Liam a..are you ok?" I stuttered, by this time everyone stopped laughing at looked at me and Liam.

No reply, he just continued to stare.

I couldn't take it anymore the one person i liked and he wasn't even talking to me anymore. I grabbed my beanie and ran out the door. I heard my name being called but i kept running, luckly i tucked my tail in so no-one could see it. I ran to the nearest elevator and went down to the lobby. Just as the door was closing i burst out in tears and saw Liam standing there just as the door shut, he was too late.

By the time i got down to the lobby, there was no sign of Liam so i ran into the boys bathroom and intop a cubical and just sat there with the door locked crying.

Liam's P.O.V

I stood there staring at the others as Niall purred while they were touching him. All this time and he didn't tell me becuase he thought i would jodge him for it?

"L...Liam a...are you ok?" Niall stuttered but i was deep in thought but when i heard the door close i snapped back to reality.

I looked around and saw Paul standing there with his arms crossed and i could see Louis crying in Harry's arms and Zayn running out the door calling Niall's name.

"YOU SCARED HIM OFF YOU BASTARD !" Harry shouted and came charging towards me only to be stopped by Paul holding him as he tried to hit me.

"I...IM sorry," I said and ran to go after him. I saw Zayn stood in the hall way punching to wall.

I run faster so i was near to him but he got inside an elevator,

"NIALL WAIT!" I shouted but just as i got there there door was nearly closed and the only thing i saw is Niall crying his eyes out, which shattered my heart making me cry.

I made a run for it down the stairs and into the lobby only i couldn't find Niall. I ran up to the receptionist.

"Hi have you seen Niall anywhere, you know blonde hair lad running?" I asked in a rush.

"Yes love i have he ran into the bathroom, he looked really upset you know" She said with a reasurring smile.

"Thank you so much," I said and ran into the bathroom only to find no-one in sight.

"Niall are you here?" I said hoping. I walked further into the bathroom to find one door locked and quiet crying. I knocked on the door,"Nialler let me in please?" I begged and i heard the lock on the door move and the door opened to find my Nialler crying. Wait i just said My Nialler?

"OMG come here Niall" I said and he ran into my arms crying and holding my for dear life.

" .. me?"He said through his tears. My heart literally fell when he said that, he thought i hated him.

"I could never hate you Niall im so sorry i didn't do anything but stare it's just a lot to take in," I said.

"Really you don't hate me, your not gonna kick me out the band?" He questioned  while sniffingand buring his head in the crook of my neck.

"How cold you think that Nialler, i would never kick you out the band and i could never hate you ever" I smoothed him and we sat on the floor while he borrowed into my side.

"Thank you Liam," He said and we just sat there until i heard quiet snores coming from the young lad. I quietly chuckled to myself, he fell asleep in my side. I picked the sleeping lad up and carried him to the lobby elevator where the receptionist smiled at me. I returned the smile and mouthed 'Thank you' and she replied with 'Thats ok you look good together' what did she mean by that?. As the elevator went up Niall snuggled more into my chest. Why did i feel so happy to have NIall in my arms? Did i have feling for Niall?

The ping of the elevator doors brought me back to reality and i wondered down the hallway earning a few looks from other people at e carrying the younger lad. As i reached our hotel door,I knocked after not being able to open it.

The door opened to reveal Harry, "You found him!" He shouted and I felt Niall move around in my arms.

"Shut up harry he's asleep!" I snapped which cause everyone to look from me to him as i made my way into the Living room. I didn't bother looking at them and just decided to put Niall in his room. As i placed Niall on his bed i took his beanie off and pulled the duvet over him.

I was just about to turn and leave when a hand grabbed my wrist causing m to jump.

"Stay with me Liam please," Niall groggled in his sleepy voice which caused me to smile as i climbed in next him.

"Ok sleep Niall im here," I whispered as he snaked his arm around my waist and snuggled his head onto my chest. I stared at the cieling and eventually slipped into a cosy sleep.


Well there is chapter 2 guys hope you enjoyed it, can't believe i wrote that for 4 hours straight! What do you think about the feelings between Liam and Niall? below some pics of our sleeping band !


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