Letters to Louis


It wasn't my fault, no it wasn't.. They all think it was, I'm starting to believe it myself. Its been only a couple of days Louis, but you have no idea how much pain your loss has bring to my soul. I'm slowly dying.

Yours forever,


1. Take me back

Hey Lou,

its weird to write to you just now, I mean its useless. What for? you are not here anymore. To hold me, to stand by me. I miss you Louis. I'm going nuts without you. Many think Im mad, because you left me, you took the easy way out instead of staying with me and facing the future ahead of us. What hurts the most is that people already now the reason why you, you chose to kill yourself. Your death was nothing but a waste, you wasted your own life Louis, our life together. Anyways, the doctor said I will be staying here for a while. The guys brought me here cause I haven't been eating or sleeping for the past few days, but i cant, Im numb. Nothing I can do will bring you back, so anything I do is useless. Ill be writing to you soon but the doctor is calling me, I have to go. Unlike you, I'll come back.

With all my love, 


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