Broken heart

A bullied girl that suffered during high school gets her life changed. She meets Justin and he changes her life from bullied to popular, from unloved to loved, from having no friends to becoming popular. They fall in love but will their problems get them apart?


2. Trouble


I invited her for a drink but I was distracted of her beautiful face she was flawless and the perfect girl. "So Justin what do you do for living?" I'm only 18, but I'm a singer. "Oh yeah your Justin Bieber I forgot about that. Don't you get tired of not having any privacy?" Well, actually sometimes but as long as i have my beliebers beside me I'm never tired but let's not focus on me how your life working out for you?  

"My life is useless as you can see but I just don't want to talk about that" she tried to close the subject that means its too personal to say so I gave her some privacy so I don't give her a first bad impression about me.


I kept thinking that we might become close someday but I snapped out of my thoughts when he asked for my number. Sure I said, then we swapped phones and he wrote his number and besides his name he put a heart.  I thought it was actually kind of cute. "Are you free tomorrow?" Yeah I guess. " okay then I'll text you so we can do something like go to the movies or whatever just to get to know each other more. Sure why not. Listen i have to go now its getting late. We hugged each other but there was this huge flash,  we turned around it was paparazzi. " SHIT!" "Hop on my back" What? Why? I could just walk you know. " I'll explain later just hop" I hoped on his back and he ran we arrived to his car and paparazzi was crazy it was like a bunch of dogs running after us. He drove as fast as he can not caring if he could bump  one. We arrived at my house, he opened the door for me witch was the sweetest thing anyone boy has done for me. Thank you. " no problem I'm used to it." It was an awkward silence and in a second he just stuck his lips on to mine. Wow! " I'm sorry I didn't mean to I swear" it's okay anyways good night. Oh and thanks again. 



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