In Her Shadow

This is a story of a girl named Claire. U may not know her. Well hear her full name Claire Edwards. Yes that's tight she is Perrie Edwards sister. She has an amazing voice. But she has always lived in her sisters shadow. Her sister sees her upset one day. So she decides to take her on tour with perrie's boyfriend zayn. But Claire is still in the shadows no one really pays much attention to her. Not even the paps. Well everyone but on fella in the band. What happens when she gets tired of being a ghost? Will she do something? Will she fall in love?


8. Love y'all's

Sooo I know I said I would update at 21 likes but 30 likes!!?!!! Wow damn I love you guys so much!!!! :) omg I really never thought I would get that much. :") u guys really make me happy. So the update will most likely be today but if not then tomorrow. Cause I have ALOT to do today. So keep likening favoriting and if u want shoutouts I will give out 2 shoutouts per chapter. U can ask me all kind of questions and I will answer them. Okay comment like favorite love y'all's bye

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