In Her Shadow

This is a story of a girl named Claire. U may not know her. Well hear her full name Claire Edwards. Yes that's tight she is Perrie Edwards sister. She has an amazing voice. But she has always lived in her sisters shadow. Her sister sees her upset one day. So she decides to take her on tour with perrie's boyfriend zayn. But Claire is still in the shadows no one really pays much attention to her. Not even the paps. Well everyone but on fella in the band. What happens when she gets tired of being a ghost? Will she do something? Will she fall in love?


12. Chapter 7

Okay so I couldn't figure out who was the 42nd liked so no shoutout today

Claire's POV

I woke up with Louis arms wrapped around me. I remembered last night. I was terrified of that movie and was "protecting" me. I got up ever so slightly so Louis wouldn't wake up I looked at the nightstand and saw that Louis must have plugged in my Phone. I checked and I had 15 messages 5 missed calls and 2 voicemails. I checked the messages first 5 were from zayn they said:
'Perrie is really sorry'
'She didnt mean that'
'Perrie loves u'
'Please text back'
'Dont get hurt' 
6 were from my ex friend saying why didnt u tell me your sister was THE perrie and stuff like that 
1 was from my ex boyfriend staying:
'Claire I miss u Alot I really do I want u back can we at least go her a cup of coffee. I still love u. xxx 
I rolled my eyes and I kept looking at the messages 
And the last 3 were from unknown numbers. One read
'Heyyyy it's harry. I'm so sorry about what happened please text me when u can' I replied to that one 
'Harry don't be sorry it wasnt completely your fault.'
I read another one that said 
'Hello it's Liam' I replied 'hi li-li'
And the last one said 
'Hey babe ;) maybe u should check if the bathroom curtains are closed before u changed' attached was a pic of me changing in Louis bathroom. I was in my under garments
I was shocked. Who would do this? I brushed it off as went downstairs. I sat on the couch and then I hear foot steps coming down the stairs
"Hi Lou- oh sorry" I said realizing it was harry
"What u doing here Claire" I looked at the ground and frowned. 
"I don't want to talk about it. But what are u doing here?" 
He chuckled 
"I live here"
I blushed. I felt really stupid. 
He looked at me awkwardly. 
"Harry what's wrong?"
"It just feels so awkward. I didn't mean to do that I didn't .. I was ju-"
I cut him off
"Harry stop I already told u"
I grabbed him and pulled him into a hug. 
"I don't ever want this to be awkward.  I just met u but u are already like a brother to me"
I pulled away and he smiled lightly I looked at the door way and saw Louis standing there smiling. 
"Ill make breakfast" harry said as he got up and headed towards the kitchen. 
Harry's POV
a brother that's all ill ever be to her....


Sorry the chapter is really really short. But 50 likes for next chapter :) love y'all and the new people will be in the book soon. Maybe in like two or three chapters. So keep an eye out. 

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