In Her Shadow

This is a story of a girl named Claire. U may not know her. Well hear her full name Claire Edwards. Yes that's tight she is Perrie Edwards sister. She has an amazing voice. But she has always lived in her sisters shadow. Her sister sees her upset one day. So she decides to take her on tour with perrie's boyfriend zayn. But Claire is still in the shadows no one really pays much attention to her. Not even the paps. Well everyone but on fella in the band. What happens when she gets tired of being a ghost? Will she do something? Will she fall in love?


10. Chapter 6

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Louis' POV

She told me.... Everything .... From ever since perrie was on xfactor and never wanted her to be in public and how she's always in her shadow til now right before I picked her up. I almost started crying my self. This was just upsetting I ... Just don't understand how she lived a full life with this. Currently we are sitting on my couch I'm holding her as she's cries. 
"Shhh shhh shhh don't cry look at me" I pulled away my hands still on her shoulders. She looked down. I pulled her head up. "If no one pays attention to u you always know that ill be here ... For u"  she smiled lightly and looked me in the eye. I leaned in. Our faces this close. So close out lips almost brushing against each other. As soon as I was about to kiss her she turned away. 
"I-I-I'm s-sorry l-Louis I j-just c-can't" 
She stuttered out. Wow she stutters a alot when she's nerves. 
"I- um it's okay I shouldn't have done that .." I said 
"No I was okay with it at first but Louis I just met u and I don't want to ruin things between us already like I ruined the friendship with me and harry" She frowned at the last thing she said 
"Okay. But I'm still here for u if u need me" I said. She looked me in the eyes and smiled. "Now c'mon lets watch some movies" she nodded and I went to the little shelf with the movies. "What kind of movie?" I asked 
"Scary" she replied. So i took a movie without telling her which movie it was. I picked the Blu-ray Disc and put it in my blu-ray player. And pushed play. As soon as the title came up her eyes widened. 
"Are u serious u picked god damn scary as hell 'Paranormal Activity 4'?!?!" 
I started to laugh. 
"It's okay I'm here and I don't let them then u into hunter"  I said clutching onto her tightly. The movie started and I could here Claire mumbling things like 'don't do that' or 'don't follow the trail of toys u idiot' or my favorite 'u stupid bitch u wait last minute to break the god damn car window that's the first thing I would have done' (a/n these are all things I said while watching this movie but I didn't really get scared I.. Well... It's a habit dont judge me) I was mostly laughing during the movie jumping in a couple of parts but not really screaming. After the movie was over Claire was still awake so I told her to follow me. I lead her to the guest room. I was about To leave when she said something I couldn't make out all I heard was "Louis can u....." 
"What was that?" I asked 
"Louis can u stay with me I'm scared" she said. I chuckled 
"Haha yea u can come to my room it's bigger" she got up and followed me. We entered my room. Her eyes widened 
"Woah this is amazing" she said. My room was had navy blue walls with a large walk in closet and a HUGE bathroom and a queen sized bed. And the shells were lines up with awards me and the boys have won. Posters covered some of my walls and there was two windows. One balcony and another was a big window with one of those little beds on the inside ledge. (U know what I'm talking about) 
"U can sleep on my bed ill sleep on the window" 
"Okay" she said simply. 
Wow I liked this girl cause most girls will fight and say 'oh no it's your house u can sleep on your bed' and shit like that I know they are trying to lead up to they just want us to end up sleeping in the same bed and u know maybe even .... Well lets move on. 
"U can change in the bathroom" 
She nodded and grabbed the bag she brought with her and went to the bathroom. I flopped onto the bed. Wow my head is going to explode. So many thoughts just flying in there. I grabbed another blanket from the closet and went to the window bed. Claire came out the bathroom wearing pink plaid pants and a pink tank-top. 
"T-take a pic it l-last longer"  she sorta stuttered out when she noticed I was staring at her. (Yes she was wearing full pants and I was still staring) she looked to the ground and blushed. I chuckled. I undid my made bed and told Emily to come. She came and hopped in bed. I got up really quick and took my pants and shirt off. I saw her checking me out. I chuckled. 
"I know u want it but u don't have to stare" she blushed 
I sat on my bed 
"Emily u don't have to be scared. It's a movie. Nothing is going to happen to you" she nodded and I kissed her forehead. I walked over to the window bed and laid down and fell asleep. Around 1 in the morning I heard a scream. I shot up and looked at Claire. 
"L-l-Loui-I-s" she stuttered. I walked over to her. I hopped in bed with her and as soon as I did she grabbed onto me and pulled herself onto me and buried her face in my bare chest. I could feel wet tears fall down my chest. 
"Claire it's going to be okay your fine nothing is going to hurt u" I said 
She looked at me and nodded. I laid back a bit more and started to softly sing.
" This is the start of something beautiful
This is the start of something new
You are the one who'd make me lose it all
You are the start of something new, oh

And I'll throw it all away
Watched you fall into my arms again
And I'll throw it all away
Watch you fall, now
You are the earth that I will stand upon
You are the words that I will sing" 
I stopped when she was asleep and I fell asleep too. 

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