In Her Shadow

This is a story of a girl named Claire. U may not know her. Well hear her full name Claire Edwards. Yes that's tight she is Perrie Edwards sister. She has an amazing voice. But she has always lived in her sisters shadow. Her sister sees her upset one day. So she decides to take her on tour with perrie's boyfriend zayn. But Claire is still in the shadows no one really pays much attention to her. Not even the paps. Well everyone but on fella in the band. What happens when she gets tired of being a ghost? Will she do something? Will she fall in love?


17. Chapter 11

Claire's POV

my eyes went wide. "Hi Claire!" She said. She went I for a hug I just stood there. And looked at harry. I pushed her off "Hi" I simply say. "Claire bear who is it?" Louis says stepping in the doorway his eyes went wide too. He knows who Taylor is and he knows all the things she's put me through. "Hi haz." Louis says a bit awkwardly. Harry invites himself in and sits on the couch "Where's the bathroom?" Taylor asks but before I should answer her harry says "here let me take u babe" as he stands up and gives her a piggy back ride to the bathroom. "Are u fucking serious?" I say as I say down on the couch. "I know! And didn't u say that harry knew about the way Taylor acted towards u?" "Yea." Just then the door bell rang I went to open it and it was cat & savanna I gave them a hug and we went to sit on the couch and just then Taylor walks in hand-in-hand with harry. I can see the girls eyes get wider. "Ummm Claire can we talk to u?" Cat says. "Okay. " I take them to me and Lou's room. "Yea?" "Why the hell is Taylor here?!?" Savannah says "And why is she sucking my mans face!" Cat almost yells "She isn't sucking his face!" "Actually she is now" Louis says as he walks in "I left cause of it." "See!" Cat says to me. "Well he brought her here! Why? I don't know!" With that we all went back and the door rang and there was Eleanor and her friend. We all walked to the door to greet he. Harry was going to come greet her too but Taylor said for him to stay. "Hi Claire. This is Ashtyn" Eleanor says "Hi" Ashtyn says "Hi Eleanor hi Ashtyn this is savannah and cat" I say pointing to each one of them. I hear someone clear their throat and look at Louis "and this is Louis." And Louis takes everyone's hand and kisses it. But kisses my cheek and says "and a kiss on the cheek to the ruler right now!" I laugh. And so does everyone else. Wow I'm actually happy. I just didn't think I would be happy right now. I guess moving on would be best. We all walked towards the living room again and all sat on the couches around. Things were silent and awkward since I told lou to tell el and ash about Taylor "So anyone up for some movies?" I ask. Everyone says yea. I put in the hunger games. I love this movie. I sat next to Lou on one end and Taylor sat next to him and next to her was harry on the other end. The rest of the girls sat on the other couch. I looked at Lou and leaned my head against his shoulder. He grabbed my hand with one hand and wrapped his arm around me with the other and kissed the top of my head. I could hear Taylor mumbling shit about me during the movie. But one part when peeta & Kay is are close to kissing she says that I'm a whore and I've fucked a lot of guys. And she crossed the line "THATS IT!" I tell as I stand up "look Taylor I've put up with your shit on week days and you are not allowed to invade my weekends! I couldn't care less about u and harry but once this starts to involve me I'm done so get the fuck out!" I say pointing towards the door "you too harry" his eyes widened and he acts Innocent. "Oh quit it harry don't act like u don't know what u did here!" El said Taylor looked pissed off. So what did she do. She went up to Louis and grabbed his shirt and pulled him in for a kiss and u know what.... He kissed back...... A

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