my new life (1D fanfic)

Have you ever felt alone? That's how Ariella felt. Her parents died when she was fourteen and her sister was eighteen. Ever since then her snobby sister abused her in every way possible. She has always gotten bullied in school, and has no friends. Her only one was when she was sixteen. But he moved away to go to the X-Factor and he never talked to her again. When she is seventeen, her sister gets married to a boy that she has been dating for a while, Ariella and her sister, Melissa have to move from Cheshire to London. The twenty-one year old man lives with four other friends. But when she finds out who they are, there is only one question left:

What will happen?


23. Wow..

My new life:



Ariella's POV:

"You should totally wear that when you and Harry go out tonight!" Jenna exclaims. Everybody is now okay with the bi thing. Harry is even taking me out tonight! All the girls and I walk in after a long day of shopping. We were surpassed to be a hour or two more but want to surprise the boys.

Harry with another girl. Cuddling watching a movie.


Tears fill my eyes. Why me? Always me? I run upstairs into my room. WHY?! Tears don't spill down my face. Just take over my eyes with blurriness.

I figured this would happen. I'm too ugly and fat and worthless to date a fucking famous boy! How could I be so stupid? He would never love me.

Why should I be so upset about this?

I fix my makeup, and smooth out my outfit then hop out the window that's in the bathroom with the door still locked.


"Ariella?" His lovely voice rings through my ears.

"Hey Noel." A smile appears on my face.

"What are you doing here?" Noel smiles as soon as he sees me.

"I'm ready to take you up on your offer."

"R-really?" He stutters.

"Yeah. Turns out he didn't last long. Wanted someone else." I'm actually able to keep my smile looking into his beautiful blue eyes.

"What's better than you?" He puts his hand on my cheek. He stares at my eyes then quickly glances at my lips. I do the same to him. We both lean in until our lips touch.

One word: Sparks.




Sorry it's so short but I'll update tomorrow probably. I've got to update all my other stories too. Love ya! <3 xx


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