my new life (1D fanfic)

Have you ever felt alone? That's how Ariella felt. Her parents died when she was fourteen and her sister was eighteen. Ever since then her snobby sister abused her in every way possible. She has always gotten bullied in school, and has no friends. Her only one was when she was sixteen. But he moved away to go to the X-Factor and he never talked to her again. When she is seventeen, her sister gets married to a boy that she has been dating for a while, Ariella and her sister, Melissa have to move from Cheshire to London. The twenty-one year old man lives with four other friends. But when she finds out who they are, there is only one question left:

What will happen?


14. Telling the guys

My new Life:

Telling the Guys


Ariella's POV:

So after I told Jenna that I was gonna tell them we decided to take a nap.


"You are a worthless slut." My drunk 'mother' slurs. She strikes me across the face. 'Mom' found me naked in bed again. But I didn't have a chose. My 'father' rapes me every single day. He leaves me on the bed when he is done, just as my 'mom' comes home.

"I wish you get pregnant for being such a skank." She laughs.  Tears stream down my cheeks that already have dry tear marks. Melissa know what our mom does but doesn't care. But no one knows about dad.

"You should just kill yourself." She tells me. Her thirteen year old daughter. Yes I was thirteen. He started doing it to me when I was about ten. And that same night she started abusing me. I thought that it would never end. I knew Harry then but he never knew what was happening. I always covered up my body so he wouldn't see and covered up with that I'm always cold.

My mom leaves after she punches me in the gut. I fall to the ground and Melissa comes in.

"Why do you let them do this?" She ask. Back then she was okay to me. I just shake my head and she holds me in her arms while I cry.

*Dream over*

I wake up suddenly, tears streaming down my cheeks. It's time. I wake up Jenna. She looks at my face and takes in my flushed face and red eyes.

"It's time." She says repeating my thoughts. I just nod. I breath out deeply. We walk downstairs.

"BOYS! Meeting!!!" Jenna yells. The boys and Jayde all sit on the couch. "Okay Ella has something to tell you. Very important." They all look at me. Tears fill my eyes. I open my mouth.

"I-I." I try to get out. They all look at me confused, besides Jenna. Jenna looks at me. I nod slightly. I walk to my room and shut the door. I hear Jenna talking to them so I go to my IPhone and go to my music. I pick 'Deteriorate' by Demon Hunter.

"Time has had it's way with me.
My broken tired hands cant build a thing.
The wires that have held me still embedded now in flesh to find my will.
The idle of my days is won, the empty I have fed has made me numb,
Despite what you will find in me.

The failures of my past just swirl beneath.

I need a heart that carries on through the pain
When the walls start collapsing again.
Give me a soul that never ceases to follow,
Despite the infection within

Our careless feet leaving trails
Neverminding the fragile dirt we all end in.
Our careless feet leaving trails
Neverminding the fragile dirt we all end in.

This is where I find my fall the cares that held me alive don't work at all.
And every step away from here is closer to the plague I hold so dear.

I need a heart that carries on through the pain,
When the walls start collapsing again.
Give me a soul that never ceases to follow despite the infection within
Awaiting my end breathing in the day that finds me new.
Redemption begins bleeding out the flaws in place of you.
Awaiting my end breathing in the day that finds me new.
Redemption begins Redemption Begins."


I sing along. Tears stream down my face silently. I wipe them away. They stopped talk downstairs. But I'm still scared to go downstairs. I hear a lot of footsteps running up the stair then they all bust open my door. They are all yelling a bunch of things so I don't understand.

"SHUT THE HELL UP!" Jenna yells. "Everyone leave and talk to her one at a time." They all walk out. Jayde comes in first. She doesn't say anything just hugs me.

"I love you." Is all she says then leaves. It seems simple but that's all I need. Jenna comes in next.

"So what exactly did you tell them?" I ask worried.

"Well about your mom, dad, the bullies, Tyler, the cuts, your exs. Everything." She tells me, I pull her into a hug.

"I love you. Thank you so much, I couldn't handle telling them." I peck her cheek.

"Love you too." She says simply. She smiles at me then walks out. Lou walks in next.

"Hey Elliebear."

"Hey carrot prince." I smile at his light heart.

"Just promise not to do it again." He says.

"I promise." I peck his cheek.

"Luvvv you!" He says.

"LOVE YOU TOO!" I giggle. He pecks my cheek then leaves. Liam is next.

"You know we all love you." He says serious.

"I love you all too." I say. He just half smiles, hugs me and kisses my cheek then walks out. Zayn walks in.

"At first when you had a panic attack when you first saw Tyler I thought you were faking. But now I know you aren't. Harry really loves you." He says.

"I love him too." I smile. He pats my back brotherly then walks out. Niall comes next. He has dry tear marks on his cheeks.

"Ariella, we all love you." He says his voice cracks. I pull him into a hug. He starts sobbing. I rub his back. Tears fill my eyes knowing that I did this to him. He wipes his eyes and walks out without looking at me again. Harry walks in looking furious.

When he sees me his face softens. He basically runs over to me. He grabs my head and pulls me into a passionate kiss. He breaks away then stares into my eyes.

"They all love you. Please promise to never do it again. I you ever do just come to me." Harry says.

"I promise Harry. I will." I say. He pulls me into a softer kiss.

"I'm in love with you." Harry says.

"I'm in love with you too." I break into a smile. Then my phone busses.

~Unknown: hey babe! Do you think they'd love you if they found out about Maya? I'm the only one who would still be in love with you. They'd be disgusted. I have pictures. I'll show them if you keep acting like everything is perfect. Love -T ~


My eyes widen. Harry notices.

"What's wrong babe?" He ask worried.

"Nothing I lie." I lie and put on a fake smile. He can't read me like Jenna and flashes me a smile. He pecks me on the lips. I better enjoy it now when she still loves me.







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