my new life (1D fanfic)

Have you ever felt alone? That's how Ariella felt. Her parents died when she was fourteen and her sister was eighteen. Ever since then her snobby sister abused her in every way possible. She has always gotten bullied in school, and has no friends. Her only one was when she was sixteen. But he moved away to go to the X-Factor and he never talked to her again. When she is seventeen, her sister gets married to a boy that she has been dating for a while, Ariella and her sister, Melissa have to move from Cheshire to London. The twenty-one year old man lives with four other friends. But when she finds out who they are, there is only one question left:

What will happen?


16. Maya

My new life:



Ariella's POV:

Later that night after I say I'm going for a early night, I stare at the ceiling. Would Tyler dare tell about Maya? They wouldn't love, or even like me anymore. They'd probably hate me. Tears stream down thinking that I'll be alone again.

I sneak into the bathroom. I grab the only thing that kept me sane. I can't be alone again. But they'd be even more pissed if they found out I cut again. I roll my eyes. I doesn't matter, they'll hate me when Tyler tells. Maybe I should tell them myself so it softens the blow?

I start sobbing, just thinking of telling them. I'm so ashamed of it. I grab the razor. I make a rash decision and slid it across my wrist. I wince at the pain. It's small and not deep. Good. I clean it and put on a band aid.

I slid back in bed like I never left. I fall into a dreamless sleep.


I wake up with my wrist throbbing. Fuck. I remember yesterday. I wipe the tear I notice in my eyes. I hop in the shower not shaving, to not get tempted. I get out and put on a old maroon hoodie in white letters says 'Thing 1', a black undershirt, black jeans, and grey vans. I throw my hair in a messy bun, and put on black eyeliner-how I usually do it, and lip gloss.

Lazy day.

I walk downstairs and make breakfast. I get cereal. As I finish Harry walks down followed by everyone else.

"Hey love." He says in his sexy morning voice.

"Hey." I smile at him. He looks at my outfit.

"Who's Thing 2?" He ask referring to my hoodie. My eyes widen. Actually there was also a Thing 3 too. I start taking off the hoodie then remember the cut from last night. He looks at me questionably.

"I got hot then cold." I make up. He nods.

"So who is the other thing?" Lou ask. Damn I prayed they'd forget.

"Umm Tyler....." I say hoping to stop this conversation.

"I saw a picture of you wearing that hoodie with a girl. You guys had matching ones. Thing 1 and Thing 2." Jenna says.

"Where'd you see that picture?" I question afraid.

"This unknown number sent me it." She says shrugging. She takes out her phone and shows me the picture. I snatch the phone out her hands.

The picture of Me, and Maya. Wearing the Thing hoodies. I delete this picture then give it to her.

"Hey! You looked cute in that picture!" She complains.

"Well too damn bad." I snap. Everybody stares at me. "I-I have to go." I run upstairs and grab my bathing suit. I shove it in my swim bag. I run all the way to the pool.

It's empty again. Awesome. I change, and take off my makeup. I put on a swim cap, stretch then hop in.


Once I finish swimming I go to the changing room and put on my old clothes, makeup, and fix my hair. I smile and walk out to the lobby area. I see a group of people. I notice a bush of curls and get angry. I walk over to them.

"WERE YOU FUCKING WATCHING ME?" I yell. There is a glass window so people can watch you swim in the pool.

"Ummm noooooooo......" Lou says.

"Sorry they got worried that you went to hurt yourself." Jenna apologizes.

"It's okay." I mumble.

"Since when does Ariella Angel James give up that easily?" A very familiar voice ask. I turn around and see them.




"Well don't just stare at me! Give me a hug!" Maya says. I walk into her arms surprised at her appearance here. We hug for a while before she lets go.

"What are you doing here?" I ask.

"Well after I moved, and you told me about Tyler breaking up or shall I say you escaping him I tried talking to you. But I found out you moved. And well here I am!" She exclaims. I just fake a smile. Everyone introduces themselves then start walking home.

I turn to her and whisper in her ear what Tyler was threatening and doing.

"I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have shown up." She says.

"it's okay, you're already here." And with that we follow the others.



Who's Maya? Hmm when I get 50 likes THEN I'll write a chapter where you find out!

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