my new life (1D fanfic)

Have you ever felt alone? That's how Ariella felt. Her parents died when she was fourteen and her sister was eighteen. Ever since then her snobby sister abused her in every way possible. She has always gotten bullied in school, and has no friends. Her only one was when she was sixteen. But he moved away to go to the X-Factor and he never talked to her again. When she is seventeen, her sister gets married to a boy that she has been dating for a while, Ariella and her sister, Melissa have to move from Cheshire to London. The twenty-one year old man lives with four other friends. But when she finds out who they are, there is only one question left:

What will happen?


24. Date with Noel

My new life:

Date with Noel

Ariella's POV:

I pulled away and Noel smiled. Then realization hit me; I'm cheating on Harry. Wait. He's cheating on me.

"Are you okay?" Noel asked with concern filled eyes.

"I'm fine" I said and smiled. He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the door of the music store.

"Where are we going?" I asked, turning to face him. We were now walking down the road, holding hands.

"I'm taking you on a date" He said and smiled, still facing forward.

"Hmm... I'll have to think about it" I said joking. He pouted and turned to face me.

"Hey!" He exclaimed. "I gave you the guitar!"

I laughed and replied."Of course"


"M'lady" he said, opening the door to his black Range Rover, and holding out his hand. I took and he helped me into the passenger seat. He climbed in the other side and turned on the engine.

"So did you enjoy it?" He asked.

"Yes" I replied. He took me to Mini Golf course and we played every hole, Noel winning every time. I'm useless at sports, even sports that are for  kids. He kept helping me which was so sweet, and we got to know about each other. I told him about the drama with Harry, and ended up telling him about Melissa's and Tyler's abuse. I was so shocked as I've only known him for a few days, and I hardly ever tell anyone about it. I told the boys only because I had to, they saw me crying and I couldn't just lie, and I have to live with them. But with Noel, I don't know. I just feel like I trust him with my life, even if I had just met him. After tonight I trust him even more, as he told me about his life. His parents used to fight all the time because his father was an alcoholic and did drugs. His mother tried to protect Noel from him, but didn't have to guts to divorce him, and Noel and his mom ended up moving away without telling him, shortly after, they found out he went to prison.

"Would you like to go out again tomorrow?" Noel asked nervously, scratching the back of his neck.

"I'd like that"

"You would?!" He exclaimed.

I just smiled and nodded.

"Wow" Noel said.

"What?" I asked confused.

"I- I thought you would say no" He stuttered.

"Why would I?"

"I- I don't know"

After a few moments of comfortable silence, Noel pulled up in front of our house.

"Thanks" I said and kissed his cheek. I climbed out the car, I didn't realize how dark it was, and pulled out my phone to get some light.


I looked at the time again. Wow. We were really out for ages. Hopefully the boys will be asleep.

I got the key from my bag that the boys let me use and unlocked the door. I walked in the dimly lit hallway and clicked on the light switch. I squinted until my eyes got used to this new light.

I walked upstairs to see Harry lying awake on the bed. Great. Just great.

"Where were you?" Harry suddenly says. I jump and look at him.

"I- I was out." I stuttered. Real smooth.

"Don't lie to me."

"Since when do you care?"

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know, why don't you asked the girl you were hugging earlier?!" I shouted at him.

He looked at me wide eyed.

"Actually I will tell you, I was on a date! With Noel. A guy who understands and accept me, not someone who hugs other girls. And let me say this, I had more fun with him, that I ever had with you!"

I walk out the room and and slam the door. I can't be doing with this.

"Where are you going?!" I hear him shout behind me.

"Somewhere where I'm wanted!" I yell back.

"Says the girl who missed our date to go with another guy!"

"Says the guy who cheated on me with another girl!"

I walked out the front door and called Noel. I couldn't be dealing with Harry right now.

A/N- Hey guys! HooliganDirectioner<3 here :) This is my first chapter as co-author in this book, so please tell me your feedback! Love you guys! xD xxx

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