...stiles and Derek...


4. wow

stiles ran up to me and kissed me totally forgetting his dad was there. He embraced me, my lips and, even my tongue...I really did love him...its only been a month but, this was crazy I had never fell in love so fast I just *cough*cough* stiles dad interrupted I pulled stiles off of me "umm stiles I uhh.. had no clue your were even gay" he said surprised "I'm not gay I wasn't even gay we just started hanging out more and more and well one day we just well dad it doesn't matter were in love!" I said "in love! stiles no!" "I'm ready" Melissa interrupted "stiles ill talk to you later" his dad said as he left. I listened to him leave "he's gone" I said "well that did not go as planned, but do you really.." "yes stiles I love you more than you think.." I said. I walked up to him closer..closer..closer...tell are lips meet

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