...stiles and Derek...


17. will you?


I wrapped him in a hug. I felt like I could stay like this forever, never letting go of him, just holding him until we died.

“Stiles?” I asked, he looked over at me “would you marry me?” I looked down at my thumbs. “What?!” he looked shocked. “Not now. Not any time soon, but would you?”  “I don’t know… maybe…probably…” I looked over at him curious to see if he was lying. I listed to his heart. It was beating a little faster than normal, not because he was lying but because he was he was nervous, saying he would. I looked over at him and smiled. “…Do you...Like...Want to?” I asked. “Seriously?” he asked. “Why not? You could come live with me, or I could live with you. We will figure out something with your dad. We could be together all the time and…well” I leaned over and rubbed his thigh going up to his crotch. He shivered as I did it too. He smiled grabbing my hand. “Stop.” He said. “Why?” “It’s too hard for me to resist your teases.” “Ohh, well you wouldn’t have to resist…” I said. He was smiling really big. “Hmm ask me properly…”

“Ughh. You are totally the girl in this relationship.” I said getting off the bed and bending on one knee. He sat up and looked me in the eyes. “Stiles Stilinski will you marry me?” I said. He nodded, and jumped in my arms. We ended up kissing. Then the bed. Then no pants for me. Then no pants for stiles. Then no shirt for both of us. Then no boxers. Then no virginity for him.

We told his dad in the morning. The only thing he had to say was okay, he didn’t look happy, or sad, just okay.

Me and stiles had spent a lot of time together. Planning, we were having a simple wedding with only a couple people at a fancy dinner place after going to the court. But besides planning things were going great with stiles… like GREAT. Even though life was going fast almost too fast it was great.

The wedding day was going great. We were in the middle of the vows, when… “Derek! Derek!”

I had woken up… FML (fuck my life)

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