...stiles and Derek...


14. towels again

Stiles had been pretty busy lately…so have I, with Scott and Lydia and just all this drama we hadn’t really hung out… but I knew his birthday was coming up. He’d be 17, one more year tell he was legal. I already texted him asking what he wanted to do and he replied “I want to see you! I miss you so much bae! <3”

Me: “what do you want to do thoe…?”

Him:  “hmm idk come over and we can talk about it? ;)”

Me: “ohh gosh maybe I’ll come for the night, just to sleep -_- seriously stiles just sleeping”

Him: “uhh okay what time <3”

Me: “hmm around 11:20”

Him: “okay see you soon! Love you”

“Stiles?” I said as I hoped through his window. He came from his bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. Just a towel. I felt something in between my legs and instantly got red. Stiles looked down at me and smiled. “Ohh hi, and you said 11:20…” he said digging through his top left dresser drawer for some clothes. “Hmm” I said “I couldn’t help myself…” I ran up and grabbed him from the bottom of his legs and threw him on his bed. “God damn Derek you scared the crap out of me!” he said getting up out the bed. He stood up and started to walk back to the dresser. When his towel fell on the floor… he freaked, dropped to the ground and grabbed his towel. He looked at with embarrassed eyes and super red cheeks. I smiled “Haha I didn’t see anything” I said. “Ohh really! Swear!” he said back smiling. “Haha I swear stiles!”

I hoped in the bed and played on my phone while he got dressed. When he came out he turned off the lights and jumped under the covers with me.  I wrapped my arm around him. “Stiles?” “Ya?” he replied. “You wanna know a secret?” I asked. “Uhh sure” he said. I put my lips to his ear, close enough to touch. “You have a cute butt” I said laughing, “what! You said you didn’t see anything!” he yelled sitting up. “Hmmm maybe I lied.” He scooted over on the bed. I scooted back by him and kissed his neck. “Hot butt” he moved more, I followed and kissed lower down by his chest. “Fine as wine butt”, he moved on even more. I was practically lying on top of him now, and kissed on the very bottom line of his pants “sexy ass” I said. He scooted over more and so did I, then we both fell off the bed and onto the cold hard floor. Laughing our butts off, I got up picked up stiles and we got back on the bed. I wrapped my legs and arm around him as he shivered. He turned around facing my chest and laid his head on my abs I looked over at the clock it was 12:00a.m. “Happy birthday” I whispered.

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