...stiles and Derek...


13. stiles

Xx__Stiles point of view__xX

“Happy Aniversity!!!” I yelled through the phone. I couldn’t believe it had been 5 months…next month it will be half a year wow…and to think it all started with him punching me…Gosh I love him!

“Derek! Come on!” I yelled, grabbing his arm. “Let go stiles!” he was really mad now. “Derek you have to!” I yelled, still holding his arm tightly. I felt 5 sharp claws move onto my arm. ”Derek?” I said again. He looked to me with red eyes and punched me strait in the chest.

“Stiles?” Derek said “Omg are you okay I didn’t mean to I, just uhh… I’m sorry” he continued. He came back with some water. “I think I gave you a concussion” he said sadly.  It was all too confusing… was Derek really apologizing? I was stuck at Derek’s for about a week, mostly I just stayed in bed and Derek did whatever Derek did…and then one day he was doing the same old same old, and checking up on me when I had slept on the floor. He bent down to pick me up, and our faces were just so close together, we kissed, both at the same time really.

“Stiles? Happy Aniversity!” he said “Wow I love you!” I smiled through the phone and walked into my room. I walked into the door way to find Derek on the phone. I dropped everything on the floor, ran and jumped onto him. “I Love you too!”

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