...stiles and Derek...


5. loving him...

we made out tell we hit the bed him falling on me hard. For a good 10 minutes we just kissed. With his hands wrapped up in my hair then they went lower to my chest then the bottom of my shirt tell he pulled It over my head and on to the floor. I wrapped my hands up in his hair as he unlocked his mouth from mine as I felt his hands move down to the tops of my pants and tell he unbuttoned my pants and tried to slid them off "are you sure you want to do this" I asked. he slid my pants off all the way which I guess was his answer...I did love him and all but I was not ready to go all the way well as far as we could go since we were both guys...he started to grab the top off my boxers. I grabbed his face and embraced him in a deep kiss to distract him. He grabbed them again, so I grabbed his pants un did his belt and sled his pants off. He grabbed them again I had nothing to do... he started to pull them off. he almost got them all the way "stiles stop!" I said "what, what's wrong" he said concerned "I don't think I'm ready for this" I sighed " we've been together a month what do you mean your not ready I, I thought you loved me" he said quietly " stiles I do I really do" I said "you do? I need to hear you say it" he was almost yelling "stiles I love you I wouldn't tell your dad I love you if I didn't okay stiles I love you I love you I love you" I said "okay so what is it am I not uhh..big enough like uhh down" "no stiles I love you uh.. every part of you" I laughed "I just think we should wait okay?"I said "um okay" he sighed "stiles I still want to kiss you" I said laughing "okay haha I tho." I grabbed his face and went back to the way we were 5min. ago

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