...stiles and Derek...


6. good morning

I woke up with stiles on chest, I watched him sleep for about 10min. then woke up him up by a gentle kiss "Good morning'' I said "Good morning love" he replied. He grabbed  my cheeks pulled my head down to his mouth and kissed me, but I pulled away because I was to tired to do anything right now. Stiles got up and walk down stairs motioning me to stay here. I got my shirt and pants back on and found stiles staring at me from the door way biting his lip. I gave him a goofy smile "looks like my dad stayed at Scotts moms house." he said. "umm speaking of Scoot I need to tell him." I said. "okay want some breakfast?" he asked. Even though I wasn't hungry I followed him down stairs and into the kitchen. "what do you want to eat?" he asked "umm I not really hungry" I said. He grabbed an apple and sat down at the table. "uhh I should probably go." I said. "umm okay." he said taking a bite of his apple." uhh ill text you." I said. I walked over to him and gave him a kiss "bye!" he said as I was walking towards the door "I love you" he was whispering now. "bye I love you too!"

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