...stiles and Derek...


10. "average"

“Umm so how can we do this without be totally awkward” stiles asked me. “Ughhh…” I did not like this plan. “Hey don’t be such a sour wolf” he said. I smiled. “Do you at least think you can get your boxers on?” he asked. I sighed angrily “stiles I can’t move my arms.” “Umm okay then” he said. “Okay just to get it out of the way and I’m not completely shocked uhh what size are ummm…” he asked. “Oh my gosh stiles!!! I don’t know! Average I guess?” I said kind of freaking out. “Okay, okay omg where are your boxers and pants lol?” he asked. “uhhh…third drawer on the top of that dresser” I said motioning to the dresser. I watched him dig through my underwear drawer, him turning around to show me some he thought were amusing sometimes, but soon enough he found a pair he liked (the full black Underamor ones and a pair of underamour basketball shorts). “Uhh okay ready?” he asked. “I’m not ever going to be ready, so go ahead” I said.  He grabbed the top of the towel and un tied it, I watched as he bit his lip which I wish he hadn’t cause it made me want to kiss him bad. He pulled the rest of it off “whoa! You call that average?” he said. “Omg stiles just finish” I turned my head so he wouldn’t see me laugh and blush. He slid my boxers on and then my pants

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