...stiles and Derek...


9. alone

There were scratches everywhere! The blood head dried like normal, but I’m not normal. “ya it’s pretty bad.” Stiles said “so what happened” he asked letting down the mirror. “Jenifer.” I said. Stiles walked off into the kitchen and came back with a wet towel and wiped off my face and gently kissed my other cheek. I couldn’t help but smile, stiles looked over at me “how can you be smiling at a time like this?” he asked “you” I simply replied. He smiled. “Why aren’t you healing?” he asked, his smile fading fast. “I don’t know maybe because” “She’s more powerful?” he cut me off. “No? She just has different abilities than us.’’ I said. “Hey!” Scott was finally here with his boss. He pulled the blanket off of me “Ohh.’’ He said. “What, what is it?” Scott said. “Sadly someone well have to put his pants on.” He said. “Ohh…”Scott and stiles said together but in different tones. I groaned and threw my head back on to my pillow. Scott and his boss looked straight at Stiles “what! Why me?” he asked. I wanted to burst out laughing, he was a horrible actor because I knew he really wanted to. “Ugh get out then’’ he said sighing. Scott left laughing “I hate you for this!” he yelled after him, Scott shut the door. And me and stiles were alone once again

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