Cyber Love ♥ *Completed*

Hi, i'm Niall let me just explain. I am in love with a girl over twitter. I don't even know her real name. I just love her. She makes me feel needed. I love that my fans try but she does it. The only way we talk is over Twitter. But that will change.


9. Performing it. To her. Alone.

Niall's POV

I take deep breaths, I am about to sing a girl a song, publicly, about how much a love her, even though I don't even know her. I mean, I don't even know her name for Christ's sake!! I start pacing and my mates walk up to me and I smile but I keep pacing.

"Don't worry Niall, you are going to do fine!" Lou says and I smile at him.

"Thanks Lou." I say through clenched teeth.

I don't think I have ever felt this sick in my life. I listen to the crowd and my stomach does a flip and I look back at the guys.

"Deep breaths." Liam says, patting my back and I nod and take big, deep breaths.

"Ready Niall?" Paul asks, walking up but I just shake my head.

"Not really." I admit and he just smiles.

"You are going to do great!" He says and I smile, if I only I could convince myself that.

"One minute until you are due on stage Mr. Horan." The stage guy Devin says and I nod.

"Just sing from your heart." Zayn says and I nod at him.

"We will be right here if you need us." Harry says and I smile and we group hug and I turn and Mike, the microphone guy hands me my mic and then I step up to the curtain.

"Here we go." I whisper to myself and I peek out at the crowd and I almost have a heart attack.

I am used to performing with the lads but this big of a crowd, by myself, I am going to choke up or freeze.

"You're on Mr. Horan." Devin says and I grab my guitar and I put the strap around my neck and I go onstage and I look up at Josh and he smiles and nods and then I sit on the stool they brought out for me.

"Hi everyone! I'm Niall Horan!" I say and I cringe at the sound of my own voice.

They crowd starts screaming and I slightly smile and I run my hand through my hair and then I put my hands on my guitar.

"This is called Mystery Girl." I say and then I begin to play.

It is really quiet and I just sing and I smile because I don't hear any booing or any laughing. I get her in my head and then I start getting more confident and the song starts sounding better and then the crowd starts singing along and I finish the song by blowing a kiss to the crowd and then I get off stage and I jump into the lads' arms and I go back to the curtain and everyone is cheering and clapping and whistling.

Yet they'll never know that I am only talking about one girl.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies! I hope you liked this chapter!!! I love you all -1D's Diana

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