Cyber Love ♥ *Completed*

Hi, i'm Niall let me just explain. I am in love with a girl over twitter. I don't even know her real name. I just love her. She makes me feel needed. I love that my fans try but she does it. The only way we talk is over Twitter. But that will change.


23. New Life

Niall's POV

I sigh and put my bags into my new apartment, I look around the small, cozy room and I sit on the bed with the floral patterned blanket.

My phone starts ringing so I pick it up and answer it.

"Hello?" I ask and I hear a sniffle.

"Niall." Alex says and I hold my breath.

"Hi babe." I say and she sniffles again.

"I miss you." She says and a tear slips down my cheek and I wipe it away.

"I miss you too." I say and I could tell other people are there.

"Hi Niall, I miss you." I hear Louis say and I smile.

"I miss you too mate, tell the lads I miss them too." I say and I guess he hands the phone back to Alex.

"There is a concert tonight." She says and my heart squeezes.

"I know." I say, through clenched teeth.

"Well I need to start getting ready for it." She says and I bite my lip.

"I love you." I whisper and she breaks down and cries.

"I love you too." She says and then hangs up and I bury my face in the pillow and scream and cry.

Alex's POV

I apply the rest of my make up and go downstairs and Liam pulls me into his arms and I hug him, having no more tears to shed.

"Let's go." Liam says and we all go out and pile into the car and we drive to the concert.

Since Midnight Memories is out the lads sing a few songs and then ends with You and I.

"This is You and I. Most of you know, Niall is gone. He couldn't take the pressure of those fans who called his girl names and said she was the reason they didn't get their pictures, all I have to say is shame on you." Harry says, looking at people and I just stand there.

Liam sings Niall's part and I burst into tears and keep crying when Harry sings 'not even the gods above, can separate the two of us, nothing can come between You and I'.

I shake my head and push my way through the crowd and I see Ted and I narrow my eyes.

"You are an asshole!" I scream at him and I slap him across the face.

"Watch it!" He yells and I step closer.

"You made my boyfriend feel so bad that he left." I say and he shrugs.

"It's your fault." He says and then walks off.

I put my hand to my chest and close my eyes.

It is my fault.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies, I hope you liked this chapter! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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