Cyber Love ♥ *Completed*

Hi, i'm Niall let me just explain. I am in love with a girl over twitter. I don't even know her real name. I just love her. She makes me feel needed. I love that my fans try but she does it. The only way we talk is over Twitter. But that will change.


24. Hope

Niall's POV

I open my mailbox and I pull out a few envelopes. Bill, bill, bill, letter. I take it inside with me and close the door and sit and open it.

From: Alex

Hey Niall, I miss you and I really wish you would come over, I have been sleeping with your sweater if the lads haven't told you, I have been really depressed lately, I want to hear your voice and kiss your lips. I haven't talked to you in a month and I need you.



I stare down at the letter and I set it on the table and I call her.

"Niall!" She squeals and that instantly brings a smile to my face.

"Baby, I miss you so much." I say and I hear her giggle.

"When are you coming back?" She asks and I sigh.

"I don't know yet." I say and I hear her sigh shakily.

"Well I have to go." She says and I nod.

"Love you." I say and I can tell she is smiling.

"I love you too." She says and hangs up.

I pull on my jacket put my wallet in my pocket and my phone in the other and I walk to the market with my head down.

I enter and I start buying food. I feel a tug at my jacket and I turn and a little girl is staring up at me with her big green eyes.

"Are you Niall from One Direction?" She asks and I bite my lip and shake my head.

"I am Niall but I am not in One Direction." I say and her face falls and her hair sweeps over her shoulder.

"Why aren't you in One Direction anymore?" She asks cutely and I kneel down to eye level with her.

"Things you wouldn't understand princess." I say, smiling and she frowns.

"I miss you, so does my sissy, she is always crying." She says and I frown this time and we both look similar.

"Tell her I am sorry." I say and she nods.

"I want her to stop crying." She says and I brush back her blonde hair.

"Is she here?" I ask but she shakes her head.

"She told mommy she wanted to stay home." She says and I nod.

"Does your mummy have a phone?" I ask and she nods and runs over to her mum.

"Oh, you are Niall Horan?" She asks and I stand up and nod.

"Hello, I heard your daughter is crying?" I ask and she nods.

"It is quite depressing." She says and I smile.

"Take me to her. I want to help." I say and she smiles.

She takes me to her flat and I walk inside and I stand in the doorway.

"I will be right back. Angela." She calls, going up the stairs.

A few minutes later a young girl walks down the stairs and pushes her hair back and looks at me and gasps.

"You are here!" She says and I smile.

"Babe, why are you crying?" I ask and she frowns.

"I missed you, watching the other boys sing your parts, it was depressing." She says and I hug her and I feel her wrap her arms around me and I feel a hot tear on my shoulder.

We take a few photos and she grabs my hand.

"Why did you leave?" She asks and I look at the ground.

"I got tired of management and some fans got mad because I wanted to hang out with my girlfriend and not take pictures with them." I say, ashamed and she cups my chin and makes me look at her.

"Don't ever be ashamed of wanting to hang out with your girlfriend, I never want to not hang out with my boyfriend." She says and I smile and kiss her cheek.

"Thank you love." I say and she smiles and then goes back upstairs.

I go to the door and go outside but the little girl calls after me.

"Thank you." She says, running up to me and hugging my leg and I bend down and hug her.

"I am Hope." She says and I smile.

"Well Hope, I am glad you are happy." I say and she smiles.

"You need to go back to One Direction, you make my sissy so happy." She says and I smile.

"I am glad but I don't know if I will be going back." I say and she frowns.

"Please." She says and I smile.

"I will think about it." I say and she smiles and hugs me again and kisses my cheek.

"Bye." She says and waves her little hand and then runs back inside.

I watch her run inside, thinking about if I had a daughter and then I smile and go back home.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies! I hope you liked this chapter and I can just imagine a little girl with blonde hair about 3-4 years old and green eyes and a little chub, so cute! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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