Cyber Love ♥ *Completed*

Hi, i'm Niall let me just explain. I am in love with a girl over twitter. I don't even know her real name. I just love her. She makes me feel needed. I love that my fans try but she does it. The only way we talk is over Twitter. But that will change.


30. Christmas

"Last chance, we can stay home." I say to Alex and she rolls her eyes.

"This is your family, we are going and besides, what Crazy Mofo ever gets to say she held Theo!" She says and I laugh.

"Fine but he will always love his uncle." I say and she rolls her eyes.

"Whatever." She says, kissing me and we get in the car.

I drive over to my mum's house and as soon as we get there my mum meets us outside.

"Niall! Alex!" She says, pulling us both into a tight hug.

"Hi mum!" We both say and we smile at each other.

"Come in!" She says, pulling us inside where Greg and my dad are sitting.

"Niall." My dad says and I smile and walk over and hug him and I see Alex already picking up Theo.

"He only loves his uncle." I say, crossing my arms and she smiles and turn toward me.

I stare at her, holding Theo and I again imagine Alex and I having our own kid and I smile at her.

Alex's POV

I pick up baby Theo and I turn to Niall and he just stares at us and then smiles at me.

Niall's phone goes off and he walks out of the room and I sit down in between Maura and Greg and I talk to Bobby.

After a while, Niall still hasn't reappeared and Theo fell asleep in my arms so I give him back to Greg and I go in search of Niall.

I go down the hallway and I go to his room where he is sitting on his bed with his head in his hands.

The doorbell rings and I just move closer to him, setting my hand on his shoulder and he looks up at me, a bit startled.

"Are you ok?" I ask, sitting next to him.

"No." He says and I put my arm around him.

"What's wrong?" I ask and tears fill his eyes.

"I." He starts but he shakes his head.

"Ni." I turn and the lads are standing in the doorway and I get up.

"What's wrong with him, do you know what is wrong with him?" I ask and they look at him and nod their heads slowly.

"Management told Niall he could come back." Liam says and I smile.

"That's great!" I say and then I look at Louis.

"He has to break up with you." Louis speaks slowly and I stop.

"I am back." Niall says quietly and I look at him.

"What?" I ask, holding my hand over my pounding chest.

"We are over and I am leaving." He says, standing up and looking me in the eyes.

My heart starts breaking and I stumble backwards and cover my mouth.

"Goodbye Alex." He says and then he leaves with the lads.

I follow after him and I watch him get on the bus and then I watch the man I love, drive out of my life and my heart.

Authors Note

Alright my lovelies, this is over BUT I have a sequel :D hehe -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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