one direction imagnes

one direction imagines I know theres a lot but comment your name and the 1D guy you love and any addiotonal info and don't forget to like :)


2. this ones for the girl who is talkitve and daring (harry)

You got an invitation to a party from your best friend she said it was gonna be one of the biggest parties of the year, so you decide to go you didn't really plan on meeting anyone but that changed when a curly dark hair boy walked in and as soon as he walked in your eyes meet, as he made his way over to you your heart started pounding it felt like it was about pop out of your chest. Hello his deep raspy voice said, hi was all you could say at the moment you were to busy studying all his flawless features. You have beautiful eyes he said bringing you out of your thoughts. Thanks answered. What was suppose to be the party of the year wasn't nothing really was happening so he asked you if you would like to start asking around to get a big group together to play truth or dare, so you agreed to help gather people, as soon as you guys got enough people to play you started the game. He asked you truth or dare and of course you picked dare being the kind of person that wont turn down a dare. He sat there and thought for a moment before saying alright I dare you to knock on the neighbors door and ask them if they would like to buy butt cream for a dollar. You smiled and accepted the challenge. So you walked over there and knocked on the door casually and when they answered it you asked them and they slammed the door and your face so you knocked again no answer knocked so you knocked a couple more times and they finally answered and said if you knocked again they were calling the cops and they didn't say it politely either. So you went back to the party not wanting to get arrested so when it was your turn again you got dared to go stay with harry for the night and lets just say things got a little crazy.;)

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