one direction imagnes

one direction imagines I know theres a lot but comment your name and the 1D guy you love and any addiotonal info and don't forget to like :)


6. this ones for Kylie (harry)

Its all over the news Harry style's new girlfriend and the rumors are buzzing he's cheating on her with Taylor Swift and she's cheating on him with some old nobody. you turned of the tv you didn't feel like listening to all those lies and who would the media just likes to get in the way of every relationship they can its crazy. Hey babe Harry said as he walked in the door and sat down next to you, hey you said a little angry. Whats wrong he asked he hated when something upset you. Oh nothing just the dang media makes me mad thinking they can just start stuff and try to ruin peoples relationships you said getting angrier. Hey its okay we know whats really happening and we love each other right? so that's all that should matter right? he said trying to calm you down which worked yea your right its just that they shouldn't be sticking there nose in other peoples business you say. Hey I got a surprise for you he said with a big grin and his dimples showing you couldn't help but smile at him as you ask what it is. He handed you two tickets to your favorite singer for tonight so you both got ready to go and got in Harrys black road ranger and since it was early Harry said that you should go out for dinner first so you get to the place you were going to eat at and as soon as you got out that's when it all started all the questions about the rumors and of course you denied all of them cause they were just rumors then they started screaming things like you shouldn't be with him you felt like you were gonna cry but Harry stood up for you. You really didn't feel like going to the concert anymore but also didn't want the tickets to go to waste so you decide to go and your glad you did causes after that you and Harry had you guys first kiss.

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