one direction imagnes

one direction imagines I know theres a lot but comment your name and the 1D guy you love and any addiotonal info and don't forget to like :)


5. this ones for Amira (zayn)

You and your boyfriend Zayn were going to the beach and he knew that it was your favorite place so he was going to propose to you there he was a nervous wreck. So i was thinking today would be a good day to go to the beach yeah? Zayn asked you could sense something different in his voice but couldn't tell what so instead of asking you just said I would love to. So you threw your favorite swimsuit on and then a t-shirt and a pair of shorts over it and you and Zayn began to pack a bag you packed sunscreen,2 towels, water bottles, and some sandwiches. Alright lets go i said as we hopped in the car. So when we got to the beach you guys found the most perfect spot and you ran into the ocean and he ran right after you as he caught up to you he grabbed you and put you over his shoulders. Then a huge wave came and knocked you off his shoulders and you both came up laughing spiting out salty ocean water, so you played in the ocean a bit longer then got out. When you both were dry you talked Zayn into letting you burry him in the sand. Then you guys had a contest to see who could build the best sand castle no one they both fell over. As the sun started to set you told Zayn what a perfect day this had been and it couldn't have been better then what it was. He smiled and got down on one knee and said Amira will you marry me. You smiled and kissed him as he stood up and you said yes and I lied this day just got so much better then I could even dream.

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