The Story of my Love

This is a Finn Harries love story. three best friends two fall in love what will happen? who is gonna have a broken heart? wh is going to be happy? find out read on


1. The Journey

“Finny, wake up” I whispered into my best friends ear “it’s time to go and meet Jack and Sam”

At the mention of his twin brother’s name, Finn leapt out of bed and started eating my special toast, already made about 1 minute before.

“Gorgeous food!” Finn said spraying his mouthful of food everywhere!


Me and Finn got onto the train and found our seats we were opposite an elderly woman and her granddaughter.

“We’re off to see Jam the wonderful Jam for us because because because because becauseeeeee because we love them so much so much!!!” Finn and I sang to everyone around us on the train who thought we were hilarious, the little girl sat opposite us even made her grandma take a photo of us with her!

The train journey took just under 3 hours as we had to keep stopping, I didn’t really mind because me and Finn were comfortable and everyone thought we were hilarious. The odd person recognised Finn from jacksgap on YouTube and asked for a photo and autograph so Finn gave them one. About 1 hour into the journey, Finn fell asleep his head resting on my shoulder so I got out my sketchpad and laptop, making sure not to wake him, and started drawing a photo of him from on my webcam that he took of himself and set as my screensaver.


Finn’s P.O.V


The train jolted forward, awaking me from my sleep, I look over towards Amy and see that she is drawing me from a picture on her laptop. I pretend I am still asleep, watching her concentrate her tongue stuck slightly out and her brows furrowed.  She’s so cute when she does that! The drawing looks exactly like me and the hair is perfect. Right then, Amy looks down at me and I close my eyes just in time few she still thinks I am still asleep. Actually I might go back to sleep I am tired.


Amy’s P.O.V


As I finish I turn the book around showing Iris (the elderly woman) and her granddaughter Sofia the picture of Finn

“Ta Da!” I produce the piece and they gasp with admiration, I think! They say how good it is and ask me to draw them both. Looking at my watch, I see that there is still another hour and a half left, so I accept and start drawing. In 45 minutes I have finished Sofia, then after half an hour I have finished Iris as well.

“Oh they are just lovely, how much do you want for them?” Iris asks me but I shake my head “Absolutely nothing because I have gotten what I wanted and that was to make someone smile so they are all yours here you go and thank you for giving me something to do because Mr over here is too busy sleeping” I hand over the portraits and Iris keeps on thanking me.

“Oh thank you I am so grateful and you tell your boyfriend how lucky he is to have you”

“Haha I will trust me!” Finn isn’t even my boyfriend but I don’t bother telling Iris that. Because truth is, I am starting to want him to and I know I shouldn’t say that because he is my best friend but I can’t lie. I look down at Finn, was he just smiling? No, he can’t be must have been the light, or my eyes playing tricks on me.


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