The Story of my Love

This is a Finn Harries love story. three best friends two fall in love what will happen? who is gonna have a broken heart? wh is going to be happy? find out read on


2. Sofia comes to stay

Finn’s P.O.V


“Finny over there, look shall we sneak up on them shhh be quiet don’t talk” Amy whisper shouts into my ear. Jack and Sam are right in front of us and luckily facing the opposite direction. Quick and quiet we run up and when we were right behind we jumped and Amy landed on Sam while I landed on my twin, Jack.

“Aahhhhhh Finny hiya, Amy love, how are you?” Jack says happily. Sam is greeting Amy with a huge, long hug. I wish I was part of that hug, instead I grab Jack and pretend to air kiss him and then he pulls me into a twin hug. We then swap over so that I am giving Sam a bro hug and Jack is giving Amy a tight squeeze. We break apart and everyone but me picks up their suitcases while I just stand there looking confused.

“What’s wrong with you Finny?” Amy says sympathetically and pulls a sad face.

“You hugged Sam, you hugged Jack, you didn’t hug Finny” I say pulling a puppy dog face.

“Nawww is my lickle Finny feeling left out?” Amy says sarcastically, she pulls me into a hug. You know those ones where the girl leans on the boys chests and the boy rests his chin on the girl, yeah one of those hugs, my favourite.


Amy’s P.O.V


The twins, who I share a house with, Sam and me all walk back to our place Sam doesn’t live with us but sometimes stays in one of the spare rooms. We arrive at ours and I dump my two big bags into my room and run into Jacks where he is setting up a camera so we can do a video. Sam is sat in there with Jack helping him and I can hear Finn rustling around in his room. I decide to sit and wait for Finn on Jacks bed. Jack and Sam have just finished setting up when Finn comes in; they start the camera while only Jack and Sam are on screen.

“Well YouTube me and Sam have a surprise because we are back home as you can see but also look who has decided to join us”, this was mine and Finns cue to pop up out of nowhere, so we did.

“Hello YouTube!” Finn and I say in unison

“And I thought I was Finn’s twin” Jack says sarcastically. Once we had finished the video Jack took his camera and plugged it in to his Mac computer. We watched it occasionally telling Jack the bits he needed to edit it out, he said he would for all of them but the one where I fall off my chair because then he could replay it in slow mo. Thanks Jack.

-------- (next day)

Looking over at my alarm clock I see it is 7:49, I get out of bed quite fast as I am a morning person I go to make myself a cup of tea being careful not to wake the other two. Putting down my cup on the coffee table I sit on the sofa and start watching milkshake, that children’s TV channel on in the morning on channel five. I hear someone come down the stairs so i get up and go to the kitchen to make them some tea. Flicking on the kettle and putting a teabag in a cup I see Finn stood in the doorway. His morning hair so cute and fluffy, he comes over to me and gives me a morning hug.

“Morning Finny, did I wake you?” I ask he replies with a simple no and then finishes making the tea, I follow him into the living room where we snuggle up on the sofa watching Noddy in Toyland, it’s the episode where someone is stealing Noddy’s flowers but it ends up being the dog or something like that. At about 9 I hear Jack moving around in his room so I depart Finn and the sofa and make him a cup of tea. Mounting the stairs, cup in hand, I make sure not to spill any of the hot liquid.


None of us could be bothered to cook breakfast so we all went on a trip to Maccie D’s where we all got a happy meal. After we ate we went home where I found a voicemail. It said something about my sister coming to stay with me while mum and dad had some work business. My sister was coming to stay on the 1st of May at 12. Today was the 1st and it was 11:30 that gave me 30 minutes to remind Jack and Finn and get the spare room set up for my little sis.

“Jack, Finny I just remembered today is the day, Sofia comes to stay so we need to get ready she will be here in half an hour!” I shout up the stairs. 25 minutes later we were ready and were watching SpongeBob when the doorbell rang, Finny leapt up to open it with me and Jack hot on his trail. The boys adored Sofia and loved it whenever she had to stay with us; she loved the boys just as much as they loved her. Finn opened the door and Sophie (nickname) leapt into his arms he swung her round in a circle then put her down squatting to her height to peck her on the cheek.

“Hello love!” Finn said to her in his lovely accent, I mean I am British too put his accent is so much more heavenly. The same thing pretty much happened with Jack as well. Sofia came to hug me while the twins said hello to my parents, I carried her on my hip while speaking to my parents about how long she was staying and all that. Mum and Dad left to go on their trip as they were going to miss their flight. I put some music on and soon we were all dancing around the living room, laughing and singing.

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