When Harry Styles is back in town after being on trial for a murder for 4 years that he may or may not have committed, things start to go a little crazy. Ariana misses Harry, as they were much more than friends in high school before everything happened. But she can't fall for him again, if he's a killer.


2. Chapter 2

authors note: yo guys so I'm Juliana and I am so excited for this story! I will try not to slack but it's summer so I'm really busy. I'm sorry that the description of this story is crap. It honestly sounds like one of those horrible fanfics about a bad boy who takes a good quiet little girl and turns her into some crazy chick. That totally isn't this story but that's probably how it seems right about now...but thank you for putting up with it haha. So if you were wondering, yes, Ariana is supposed to be Ariana Grande, and Dan is supposed to be Dan Howell, and Harry is obviously Harry Styles. None of them are famous in this fanfic. So, thanks for the reads and please remember to comment and vote! I also apologize for my social awkwardness...follow my twitter @bananarryfroyoz and my wattpad electranarry!



4 years earlier...



I walked- strutted - into school flipping my long perfectly curled hair over my shoulder. It was red, like a cherry. I'm not going to sugar coat it for you, I was the queen bee. I had it all, well to share with my twin sister of course, Gianna. We had the boys, the grades, and even that annoying little group of followers who are obsessed with everything we do and watch our every single move. It's freaking creepy. But of course we have our real friends, and our boyfriends.

I appeared at my locker to discover my boyfriend waiting for me. I kissed him on the cheek, right next to his adorable dimple, and brushed his curly hair out of his face. "Good morning Ariana," he smiled. He's perfect, absolutely perfect; everything about him. From the way his green eyes light up when he hears something exciting, to the way he is way too overprotective of me. But, I don't mind. Everyone knows not to mess with either of us. He is so sweet though. "Good morning Harry," I repeated in the exact same tone as him. Harry smiled and pulled his leather jacket out of his locker and slipped it on, he is only two lockers down from me.

He is classified as what you could call a bad boy, but not so much the type that goes mugging elderly women and kidnapping childeren, at least I hope. Mysterious is one way to describe what he's like, but in a hot way of course. Dan soon approached me with his books in his arms, ready for class. Dan has always been my best friend. Since pre school. The good thing is that we both know that it will never be anything more. We are both in happy separate relationships and that's all it will ever be. Good.

"Are you ready for some science expirements today? I'd love to get started with this solution over here which makes your eyes fall out!" Dan mocked our science teacher who gets way too excited about horrible things. This made me laugh so Harry gave Dan a death glare. That's his overprotective streak in action. He will never understand that Dan and I will never be more than friends. And I can assure you that, because we tried kissing once. I felt like I was kissing a girl and Dan felt like he was kissing a boy, so from then on we knew that even if we tried something it would never work. "Harry, calm your tits," I told him, earning a laugh. We made our way to science class and I slid into my seat at my usual table. Next to Harry, across from Dan, and diagnal from Marissa, another on of my good friends. "Goodmorning class," Mr. Dilson started, his voice was just as annoying as his daughter Stacy's [some of you might not get the nickolodean reference I just made lol].


Finally, all my main classes are finished! Now for lunch and then study hall. Harry slung his arm around me as our big ass group made our way to what some refer to as "the cool table". That lunch table was made up of Me, Harry, Dan, Gianna (my sister), Zayn (Gianna's boyfriend), Talia (Dan's girlfriend), Marissa, Jackie, Camila, and Summer who are more of our friends. There are more boys though, like Niall, Liam, Louis, Calum, Luke, Michael and Ashton. That's about it who sit here. All of us are genuinly close friends. We don't seem to hang out with any other juniors anyway.

"Hey guys, party at my place on Friday. You're free to invite anyone else that you want, just as long as they aren't weird or creepy..." Michael said. That caused us all to laugh or at least crack a smile while each one of us nodded our heads in agreement to going. Just then, Louis spoke up, "Hey, I'll invite some Northridge girls if that's okay," [another nickolodean reference omg]. "I hear those girls are wild," Zayn chuckled while Gianna shot him a death glare. "I know they're wild," Calum winked and everyone laughed. I really love my friends. We all have different personalities and likes but that's what makes our giant possy work.



School soon was over so I went off to cheerleading practice. Gianna isn't a cheerleader. It's my thing, something I love. Her thing is swimming. Now, I know what you're thinking, "of course she's a cheerleader, that's why she's popular. cheer is stupid and isn't a sport" well, uhh, no. I don't go to football or basketball games and cheer the boys on. I cheer competitively. My team goes to competitions once a month and we usually take the win. But it isn't a school program, it isn't even in the town I live in let alone with girls from my grade.

"Hi Jamie!" I yelled to my friend. "Hey Ariana, whats up?" she said while walking towards me. "Well, there's a party this Friday at my friend's and I was wondering if you could come along", I explained. "Which friend?" her golden eyes peered at me curiously. "Mikey," I answered. "Oh-" she seemed to be debating with herself if it was a good idea to come or not, "sure why not". "Great! I'll pick you up at 7:30 and drive you there?" I asked excitedly. "Sure, now let's go stretch before Andrea makes us do one legged wall sits again," we both shuddered playfully.

Sure enough when we prance over to the mat the whole team was there already. Our coach, Andrea, didn't even seem to notice when we snuck onto it. She must either be happy, tired, or frusterated. "Alright girls get into your stunt groups," Andrea sighed. She was clearly exhausted, you could hear it in her voice. We went over to stand in our stunt group, which consisted of the two bases; Alana and Sadie, a back; Sammie, and me; the flyer. "Today we'll be working on basket tosses," Andrea announced. The whole team groaned because we all know damn well how to basket toss. "Elaina's group first," Andrea pointed to the group, Elaina being a small wirey who's teeth are too big for her mouth. The stunt group easily flung her into the air and caught her without a flaw.

Andrea gestured towards my group so i guess it was our turn. Alana and Sadie held eachother's hands in a basket form as I put my foot on half of it. "1, 2," we dipped, "3, 4," we dipped again. "5,6," we counted while Sammie pushed my butt and thighs up and Alana and Sadie threw me high into the air. I decided to do a toe touch while I was in the air and succeeded and also safely landed in my group's arms. "Nice work girls. Very good toe touch Ariana, I can tell you've been stretching, just remember to point those toes!" Andrea commented. My stunt group and I smiled eagerly at each other and waited for the other groups to release their flyers into the air.


Right when I got home I went straight for the shower. Once I finished I walked down to see my Mum, Gianna, and my older brother Frankie sitting at the already-set dinner table. "Hey guys, how were all of your days?" I asked casually as I sat down in my usual seat. "Not bad, just slightly stressful," my Mother answered. "How so?" Frankie questioned her. "Oh you know, just pressuring to make sure I don't hand my boss anything that isn't worth it." mum speaks of her job, she's a publisher. "Oh," Frankie mumbled.

"So girls, how was your day?" Frankie asked sarcastically. "Great as usual," Gianna answered for both of us. "We're going to a party at Mike's on Friday," I added. "Wonderful, I like that kid. Just be careful." my mum responded. "We will," Gianna and I said in unision.



It was Friday afternoon and I just got home from school. Time to get ready for the party. Gianna and I called Marissa, Talia, Jackie, Camila and Summer to come over and get ready with us.

[so i guess now is when I describe what everyone looks like]

Once we were all finished getting dressed and doing our make up and hair, I couldn't get over how gorgeous everyone looked. Gianna looks exactly like me, we're even wearing the same dress! (but different colors of course) Her's was navy blue with a pink floral pattern, it was cute but sexy at the same time. The blue really brought out her bright blue eyes, something I've always been jealous of her for. Her blonde hair was curled out of her face and the nude pumps she wore completed the look. I was in the same floral abercrombie dress as her, just mine was white with hot pink flowers. My red hair was also curled but pulled into a half up half down style and my hot pink pumps matched my dress. Marrisa's sported a white crop top with a gold high waisted skirt, with her long blonde hair straightened to perfection. Her brown eyes wandered around the room. Summer had her dark auburn hair pushed to the side and laying across one shoulder. Her dark green dress complimented her blueish greenish eyes. Talia's shorter black hair was straightened and her dark brown eyes had a little too much makeup on them but her shimmery gray dress evened it out. Camila's long black hair was straightened and she work a tight black dress with lime green belt complimenting her lime green eyes. Jackie's hair is a light blue ocean color which fades into a pastel green. It sounds horrific, but it actually looks really cool. Her dress was just simple and white, with a belt that matched the blue in her hair and thankfully her eyes were blue too so it matched. That pretty much sums up how everyone looked.

After throwing around some compliments we got into the car and set off for Jamie's house. It was about 7:40 when we got to Jamie's and she stepped outside in a baby pink short dress with a white bow belt. The color went perfectly with her dark skin.

We arrived at Michael's house at around 8:00, just when he said to be there. "Hey you guys, the girls are here!", Luke called towards all the boys and they started coming towards us.

We were all handed drinks as the night went on with dancing and singing along to the words of which ever song was blaring through the speakers. Harry was no where in sight. I hadn't seen him all night and couldn't help but wonder where he was. I was highly intoxicated and so was everyone else. "Let's play spin the bottle!" A small chick with a huge butt screamed. Slutty Northridge girls.

All of my friends and I ran over next to the stairs and someone was handed an empty beer bottle. That someone was Harry. I made my way over to sit next to him but he just got up and moved away. Okay then. If he wants to play it that way then that's the way we'll play. The bottle was soon handed to me after Dan went, and somehow his spin landed on Talia. Weird right? I spun the bottle nervously praying it would land on someone decent. It landed on Ashton. "Alright let's do this," he smiled and i giggled. I leaned over and we both gave eachother a quick peck on the lips while some people sighed. But most of them probably didn't know that I was with Harry. Other than my friends of course. After that it was Marissa's turn and her spin landed on Michael. I know she's liked him for a long time so this was her shot. I'm so happy for her. They both leaned in and the kiss lasted a few seconds. Michael's eyes were bright when it was over. I felt a new couple coming on. After Jackie went and had to kiss Luke, it was Harry's turn. He spun the bottle and it landed on some girl with unruly frizzy hair and bangs. Must be another Northridge girl.

I assumed he would just give her a light peck on the lips. But no, I was wrong. Harry leaned in a little too quickly and they were full on making out. With toungue and everything. I felt betrayed. I felt sick. I felt the tears burning in the back of my eyes threatening to come out. Once they both pulled away Harry looked at me and gave me a sickly smirk I got up and walked- no ran - away. I couldn't think straight. My boyfriend that I loved so much shoved his tongue down some random skank's throat right in front of me! Our one year annivesary was next week and I was going to tell him how much I love him. I figured he would reciprocate the words but I guess not. And that's when I heard the police sirens.

I walked outside to see what was going on. "I'm sorry about the alchohol sir," Michael was explaining to one of the officers. "Oh, that is not why we're here. I'll let it slide for now since the matters are much worse." the cop said and Michael couldn't be more confused. One of the cops walked out of the house holding Harry with his hands behind his back. Harry struggled and the officer slammed him onto the hood of the police car while gathering the handcuffs from his belt. I gasped as the man forced Harry upwards.

"Harry Styles, you are under arrest for the murder of Alexander Frank Styles, your father. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you." The officer spoke as I began to sob. Harry looked at me and I searched his eyes for some type of emotion. I found pain and fear. The cops shuffled him into the back of the police car and Harry mouthed 'I love you' as the car drove away. I stood there in shock silently wondering if he meant it.

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