Pick Your Poison

Leah Seyl, a member of a group of elite guards recruited to protect the King and Queen of Laverna, is feeling defeated.

For three years she had protected her adopted family, relishing in the interest the King and Queen expressed in her. She had everything their son, William, lacked. Compassion, love, and mercy was long lost to him. But as one day she returned from a trip back from her estranged family, Leah watched as her true home burned to ashes. Now with the King and Queen murdered in the midst of an attack from the rogue children of the Descendants, she is tasked to protect William, the heir to the throne, and a changed man.

In this re-telling of Snow White, can Leah really trust this new William and will the pleas from a demon prisoner reveal what actually happened to the seemingly re-incarnated prince? And can the Descendants really be trusted when their own children had turned on them?


4. Leah


The Messenger - earlier that day...


    It was an unbearably hot summer day.


    Leah could almost hear her sweat sizzling against her golden skin as she brushed back thin strands of hair that had escaped from her loose ponytail. Her chest heaved in ragged and short breaths as she jogged through the woods. She used to be winded by the third minute of her morning jogs, but now she was used to the buzz of power that coursed through her veins. But even the buzz couldn't numb the anxiety that ravaged her body.

    She could feel the knot in her stomach growing with every step she took, and the creeping doubts at the back of her mind trying to make her turn back to Laverna. Leah decided to visit her blood family after three years of brutal exile. She could still feel the agony of being tossed out of her home when she was fifteen, and shunned for wanting to become a warrior in the Amraphel.

    To be in the Amraphel was to be granted some of the Legions power. A minuscule amount, but just enough to be feared. It was her chance to be different, and powerful, but people in her village did not respond lightly to "different". They believed that the Legion, and all power from them, was sinful. Leah believed what they had was beautiful.

    Slowly her emotions began to dull over the years, the buzz of power that the Legion gave her now replacing it. No one had told her that would happen, but she didn't really care anymore. Of course she still felt emotions, but when in high adrenaline situations, she was accustomed to tuning them out. In battles she no longer felt the pang of guilt as her sword sunk into the chest of a Creature. But something was bothering her lately, and she could no longer tune it out efficiently enough. Her power had been untouched, but waves of guilt and pain left her crippled throughout the day. It was of course a little delayed but it still came.

    The dirt path that led her to her village narrowed and she knew she was getting close. Slowing her pace, Leah could suddenly feel the anxiety gnawing at her limbs. Her legs wobbled, and protested under her weight as she dragged her feet along the ground like when she was a little girl and didn't want to collect crops from under the blazing afternoon sun. The flash of memory from her childhood suddenly made Leah's chest collapse with the weight of despair and longing. She could still remember the first time her father let her fingers wrap around the hilt of a wooden sword he crafted, and the shouts of laughter as she sparred with an old oak tree at the front of her old house.

    The familiar buzz of power quickly rushed into her system and she could feel her anger replace the sadness and betrayal that she felt. Still, the constant fight with her emotions was exhausting, and Leah buried her head in her calloused hands, trying to calm her breathing. 

    After a few moments of peace that Leah searched for within her mind, she collected herself and continued walking. The faint outline of her village gave her a burst of adrenaline, her heightened hearing and vision analyzing every walking commoner that passed through the veins of the town. The black roofs of the old houses jutted out in depressed angles. They sat on the long deteriorated bases weak wood that supported them, and each house was placed spread out from another with copious amounts of greenery that shrouded most of the stone walkways that led to town. 

    Leah could see the light brown roof of her old house standing out from the rest, and she stumbled through the opening of the forest to reach it. Entering the shadows of a stone floored alleyway, she was suddenly confronted with a tall figure that pushed her into a wall. The impact stole her breath and she instinctually went for the hilt of her sword that jutted out from her hip but rough hands pinned her arms beside her head. 

    "What in the-" she started before he hushed her. Leah quickly thrust her knee into his stomach. A grunt of pain escaped from his lips and the grip on her arms loosened enough for Leah to try to escape. But not before she could leap out of the shadows were her arms looped behind her and his hands gripped her forearms like iron. Hot breaths now pulsed on the back of Leah's head and a string of curses filled her ears in harsh tones. 

    "Will you stop for one second, Leah," he panted. How did he know her name? Leah ripped out of one of his hands and swung around with a dagger she unsheathed from her sleeve, pressing the metal into the skin of his throat. He was a full head taller than her, and yet she could feel him shrink under the power radiating from her now glowing skin. The light that her skin generated cast an eerily blue glow in the alleyway lighting up his panicked blue eyes that blinked regardless of the clumps of dark brown that invaded his sight. He slowly let go of her other arm and lifted them both up in the air as a surrender.

    "Who are you?" she whispered harshly, confused at his familiarity with her. His eyes suddenly softened into a look of longing and memory, his mouth tipping into a wry smile. He knew her, but she didn't know where from. But that was when she recognized those same bushy eyebrows that were forever etched in her mind because of the gnarly slash that ran through the left one. A gash that she caused practicing with a boy that she had met while she sparred with an invisible opponent, and he volunteered practice with her. Now that gash had healed, leaving jagged and raised skin that refused to grow hair again. His dull grey eyes had brightened into an ice blue, his face now highlighted by prominent cheekbones and uncovered from his previously long dark hair that had reached the nape of his neck in long locks. 

    She could feel her mouth tip into the same smile he had and her dagger slipped from his neck and back into its sheath. "Wren," she grinned. 

    Wren's arms lowered and a hand slipped under her chin. "You're feistier than I remember," he smirked.

    "And you're uglier than I remember," she laughed jokingly before wrapping her arms around his neck, breathing in the familiar scent of bonfire and spices. He chuckled into her hair and tightened his embrace. Wren pulled away a little quickly, his smile fading into something more serious. Leah sensed his worry and asked "What is it?"

    "You can't be here, you don't know what they'll do to you," he said running his hand through the curls of his head. Leah rolled her eyes. She knew what her parents were going to do, and she didn't really care. She wanted them to know that she was happy, free, and without restriction. Leah grew up without her parents, and had to teach herself the things that they should've been there for. Her dad had handed the first sword to her but still cowered in fear when her mother told her to let it go. He was a coward and her mother was a cruel ruler in the household. In the end, they were both at fault for abandoning her. She needed this. 

    "Yeah, I know what my parents will think, they'll tell me the usual round of bullshit and try to get me back in the house to go harvesting some more crops," she spat. Now it was Wren's turn to roll his eyes. 

    "That's not who I'm talking about," he started. Leah scrunched her eyebrows, not understanding. "She knows you've left them unprotected, you need to go back and-" but Wren was cut off by the sound of an explosion. His eyes lit up with the reflection of flames and Leah whipped her head back towards the source. Her mouth was left agape at the terrifying scene that played in front of her disbelieving eyes. 


    The castle was under attack. 


Heyooo, I'm posting this bad boy until I get more time to add to it and edit. I'm really trying to post/update as often as I can but school is a total biatch. Hope u guys love it tho :'((((( Love uu


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