Pick Your Poison

Leah Seyl, a member of a group of elite guards recruited to protect the King and Queen of Laverna, is feeling defeated.

For three years she had protected her adopted family, relishing in the interest the King and Queen expressed in her. She had everything their son, William, lacked. Compassion, love, and mercy was long lost to him. But as one day she returned from a trip back from her estranged family, Leah watched as her true home burned to ashes. Now with the King and Queen murdered in the midst of an attack from the rogue children of the Descendants, she is tasked to protect William, the heir to the throne, and a changed man.

In this re-telling of Snow White, can Leah really trust this new William and will the pleas from a demon prisoner reveal what actually happened to the seemingly re-incarnated prince? And can the Descendants really be trusted when their own children had turned on them?


5. Exeter


That night......


    Purgatory was always an obscure thought to him. From demon chatter to myths and folklore from hundreds of different religions, they all made sure to explain full well how to get your sorry ass kicked into it in the first place. How to get out was another thing altogether. Apparently it was quite the bitch. But the demon had been stabbed by his own mother in infancy and then left for dead on a warlock's doorstep. Now that was a bitch. Not only because his mother was a psycho that clearly missed out on a pretty good looking son, but because he'd still had a scar that reminded him of her ass-wholery. He'd gotten over it centuries ago, yet he still felt a pang of longing in his hollow stomach.

    He suspected that he was in Purgatory. But then again, he couldn't hear the distant cries of his fellow demons being ripped to shreds, and his own limbs felt pretty intact. The demon tried to lift his head from the cold floor, a wave of nausea crashing over him, and inducing a set of awful retches that flipped him onto his side.

    The demon could feel the hardly comforting feeling of power slowly draining from the pores of his human skin. His form shifting underneath his human vessel, restless and hungry for an escape. A groan rumbled from the pit of his stomach and fought its way out of his quivering mouth as he painfully lay back on his back. 

    His eyelids fluttered open to a dusty and dim lit room that was surrounded by flameless lanterns that he recognized were Lumen cases. They sat on the three stone walls that seemed to be invaded by creeping vines. His body shuddered as he suddenly felt a chill in the air. 

    Looking up at the ceiling, he chuckled weakly at the archaic symbols carved above him. Runes lined the entirety of the walls and water dripped from the ceiling. He hissed as a drop of water splashed onto his eye. He could feel his humanity slowly awakening in his blood. Someone knew damn well what they were doing.

    The demon boy raised his head from the stone floor, chancing a glance around the room. After what seemed like an eternity trying to form thoughts through the pulsating ache in his head muddling his powers, he finally deduced that he was in a holding cell. A castle holding cell to be exact, glancing through the small barred window at his door and seeing the head of a castle guard that stood watch in front of his cell. But which kingdom had captured the demon? And which kingdom had this much knowledge about the demon world? Demons had been turned into bedtime stories ever since The War between the Descendants and their children that spilled into the mortal world.

    Whoever captured him was paranoid as hell. But he had to admit that they had a good reason to be.

    After saving the mortal world from the children of the Descendants that went rogue, the Descendant Elders stood beside each empire as helpers or guardians, claiming that the mortals could not handle the world alone. None of the Descendants expressed any interest in ruling mortals, them being celestial beings and all with a higher purpose blah, blah, blah. He didn't believe that for one second.

    The demon pushed himself into a kneeling position, and clutched his chest, the pain from the battle still raw. As he tried to stand, something suddenly yanked him back on to the ground, his hand splashing into a pool of water that collected next to him. Cursing under his breath, he glanced down at his feet, curious as to why he couldn't get up. Unsurprisingly to him, iron cuffs were locked on to his ankles and chained to a ring attached to the wall behind him. Sigils were burned into the cuffs that bound the metal to his skin. If he wanted to get them off, his feet were coming off with them. What fun.

    Church bells tolled and echoed through the halls, garnering another string of curses under his breath. He was being held under a magnificently annoying church. For obvious reasons, he wasn't really well acquainted with the mythical sky-daddy, and his little priests that liked to make his vampire friends bob for apples in holy water.

    Voices echoed through the bars of his cell. 

    Slowly the voices became louder as sounds of footsteps fell in unison with them. Then, all at once, they came to a stop. The door creaked open, two silhouettes standing in front of him. The demon grimaced from the aura of power that radiated from one of the figures. 

    She stepped forward, and stood over the demons body. She skimmed over his tattered clothing, blood stained skin and weak breaths that heaved in his chest. The woman smirked, as if she was impressed with his vessel even after the beating he had withstood. What could she possibly want from him? 

    "Hello demon," she greeted, a sliver of brunette hair falling in front of her light brown eyes. But just as her face showed to be soft in the light, it suddenly turned cruel as the demon spat a gob of spit that landed square on her cheek. She leaped back, swearing under her breath. The demon realized her true Being.  She was one of the Royal, he could taste the power radiating off of her porcelain skin. 

    "Manners are so very hard to come by these days," she scoffed, wiping her cheek with a red handkerchief that appeared out of thin air. Crouching this time, the woman gripped the demon by its neck, the sounds of his cries bouncing off the walls as he was lifted into the air. "Is it so horrible to expect some respect for being the one who's going to give you a new lease on life!" the woman exclaimed, her eyes wild as if she were searching for an answer. 

    "What the hell do you want from me, Royal?" the boy managed to garble as he scraped at her tightening fingers. She looked at him, smirking at his struggle. 

    "Isn't it obvious from the fact that you are still squirming around on this Earth that I want to make a deal, demon?"

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