Pick Your Poison

Leah Seyl, a member of a group of elite guards recruited to protect the King and Queen of Laverna, is feeling defeated.

For three years she had protected her adopted family, relishing in the interest the King and Queen expressed in her. She had everything their son, William, lacked. Compassion, love, and mercy was long lost to him. But as one day she returned from a trip back from her estranged family, Leah watched as her true home burned to ashes. Now with the King and Queen murdered in the midst of an attack from the rogue children of the Descendants, she is tasked to protect William, the heir to the throne, and a changed man.

In this re-telling of Snow White, can Leah really trust this new William and will the pleas from a demon prisoner reveal what actually happened to the seemingly re-incarnated prince? And can the Descendants really be trusted when their own children had turned on them?


2. Centuries Before...


The Creation of the New World



    They came bearing no gifts, no kind words, and no mercy. 


    The Earth was re-invented when the world of myths and folklore collided with reality and sprouted chaos. Demons resurfaced, Vampires emerged, Were-animals shifted into the world and the Legion, higher angels that walked the Earth and claimed hold over the supernatural, were here; waiting.

    They waited until humanity could no longer withstand the pain, the tolerance and the compassion needed for such dark creatures. When mortals could hold on no longer, they weeded them out, taking the strongest of bloodlines to procreate and guide the new world into order. They sent their servants, the Farron.

    The new world came and it conquered. But with it came the price of technology and advancement. Instead, civilization was banished to the medieval ages. Monarchies took over, the head of the bloodlines now ruling over pieces of land that were still liveable. Laverna was formed, like many other kingdoms. Guns and ammunition did no damage and instead were replaced by swords that were made by the Farron themselves.

    But crops had to be maintained, houses needed to be constructed, roads needed to be fixed, and the infrastructure of society needed to be rebuilt. So the Amraphel were created. A group of individuals in each Kingdom were handed the power of the Legion and the task to protect their kingdom, leaving all the others to keep civilization from going hungry, or cold.

    All was peaceful.

    Until the uprising of the Farron.

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